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not ideal

Where it happened: my house
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Well I was only 14 when I lost my virginity as a freshman in high school, but in my defense I was very mature for my age. I was dating a guy who I felt I was completely in love with. I know most everyone says you should have sex when you are in love and when it feels right, but I guess I was immature in that sense. Sex was such an interesting thing to me. I wanted to experience it more than anything and feel intense pleasure. So after a while I convinced my boyfriend to have sex with me. It took a while because he didn’t feel he was ready. We planned out the whole thing. He slept over for New Years and we celebrated it together. As soon as my Dad went to sleep he creeped into my room and we started everything off. We played our song, which at the time was Echo by Incubus and we lit candles and I turned on a lava lamp that I had. We were really trying to create a mood. I don’t remember too much of what we did actually in the way of foreplay, but the sex was less than memorable. It took forever for him to even get inside me. We were both virgins and had no idea what we were doing and this probably was an indication that we were too young to be doing this, but we kept trying. Eventually, he got in, but it was extremely painful. He went in and out I think around 3 or 4 times before he came. He never was able to last long. In the scheme of things I wish I had waited at least for someone who was good in bed, but the mood was very nice. I guess I’m still waiting for a truly amazing sexual experience.

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