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Norma Jean

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: Front seat of a 1956 Buigk
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

We lived in a coal mining and railroad town,there were two large cities 25 miles away. There was lots of farms and country roads. John had just got out of the Air Force in 56. He and I started going out in August. We enjoyed each others company and had many things in common,like fishing, Golf ,hunting and just walking in the woods. On Christmas Eve 1956 we went to Wheeling W.Va. to the movie. On the way home we stoped at a bar-dance hall and danced until about one in the morning and left to go home. I was setting very close to John, in those days there were no seat belts. After driving about six miles John turned off on to a country road, he drove two or three more miles and pulled off to the side. He had his arm around my shoulder and pulled me to him and kissed me, I put my right arm around his neck and we were kissing very hard,I thought I loved him. I felt his hand go from my waist and slide up to my breast,I pulled back a little but he held me close and said”We are going to do this some time, Why not now?” I said that I had never done this before and was scared that I might do well and be foolish. John said to relax and that he would lead me. He continued felling my breast and slowly unbuttoned my blouse, he had very deft and good hands,he pulled me close and kissed me and unsnaped my bra and slid my blouse and bra off in one smooth motion. He laid them in the back seat of the car, he then took off his shirt, and placed it there also. We were kissing, bearbreast to bearbreast and I noticed that my breathing was a little faster and I was getting nervous. He placed his hand on my knee and started sliding it up my leg under my skirt,he felt up to where my hose stopped and felt the garter belt, he slid his hand to the inside of my thigh and went up further.His hand was now on the crotch of my panties, he had a finger on my vigina and was making slow rubbing circles on the out side of my panties,I could feel the excitment starting to race through me and I became very moist. He removed the belt from my skirt and undid the snaps on the skirt,he slipped the skirt and slip down and off,leaving me with nothing on but panties, hose, and garter belt.He raised up and took off his pants and under shorts, I had never seen a Man before,babies and little boys yes, but not a full man.I could not help but peek at it, it must have been at least eight inches long and one and a half or two inches round,he kind of pushed me over until I was laying on the seat, he laid on top of me and I could feel his erection rubbing on my leg,he raised up and reached in the back seat and got a coushon,he lifted my hips up and slid my panties off and placed the coushon under me.He then laid on me and I spred my legs a little,he felt from my hips down to my ankles and lifted my legs and spred them, he placed my right leg on the dash board and ask if I would hold the left one up, I was very nervous and excited, and very anxious. He got on top of me and I could feel his erection come up against my vigina,it slid in a little and John stoped and pumped a little, then it went in further,there was almost no pain he pushed and pulled it a little then put in a little more, he did thi about five times,I could feel his hair mingling with mine and I knew that he was all the way in, he pumped with slow deep strokes and it felt good. He stopped and laid there a little and I started moving my hips up and down,it felt good also , I started going faster and soon I felt his erection give a little jerk inside of me and he pushed deep into me. We laid ther a little while and he reached in the back seat and got my clothes. We got dressed and went home. We were only twenty minutes from my house. At the door he ask if I would go out on Friday and of course I did. We went together for two more months and John got killed in the mines. I am married and have a perfect husband, we have three grown children all doing well. But I can’t forget my first time, and the young man.

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