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new neighbor

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: neighbor's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My neighbor’s had just moved into the house across the street.A husband and wife young, mid 20’s with no kids.
The first time I saw the woman outside I thought i was i heaven. She wore a tight shirt and short shorts. She had brown short curly hair.
Anyway’s, one day she called up asking if i could help her move her couch cause her husband had gone out with some friends for the day. I ran across the street over there to help.
I walked in asked her where she wanted the couch to go. I helped her move it. As I was moving the couch my keys fell out of my pocket. I reached to pick them up but she said she’d get them. She bent down and I just stared at her wonderfully shaped ass just looking back up at me. She then got up and said she knew i was staring. I gulped and just stood there. She looked down at my shorts and saw my bulge. “I’ve seen you staring at me while i’m outside,” she said. I gulped again. “I know you want me,” she said with a smile. I gulped once more. “You sometimes dream about me, don’t you?” “Yeah,” I said reluctintly. “Well how would you like your dreams to come true,” she said. Oh my god I thought. She slowly turned around and headed up the stairs towards her bedroom. “Follow me,” she said. This was a dream come true or it would be a nightmare. I walked up the stairs behind her and she led me into the bedroom. She jumped on her bed and told me to lay down with her. I did and we started to make out. It was amazing. I had wanted her for a long time and now i was making out with an older woman. Her tongue slithered in my mouth. After a minute or two she backed off and took off her t-shirt. Then she unstrapped her bra and threw it off the bed. Herbreasts were amazing. They were so rounded and pert. Her nipples were pink and soft looking. I bent foward to suck on them. “Not yet,” she said. “first we both have to get undressed.” I got off the bed and took of my shirt and pants. My boxers were a little tough. I looked at her. By now she had stripped to nothing. Oh My god. She had the most beautiful body ever. She looked so amazing. “Come here,” she said. i got back on the bed and we made out some more. We lay down on the bed and rolled around. I stopped and she lay down on her back. I got on top of her and looked down at her face. So beautiful. I took one of my hands and brushed the hair away from her face and used my other hand to take her breast in my hand. It was so soft and i was so gentle. I squeezed it and bent down to lick the other. I started to nibble on it and she moaned a little. I then took my free hand and moved it down to her pussy. I stuck one finger in. “No. I don’t want that in me, i want this.” She took her hand and gently stroked my cock. I said ok and got back on top of her. I guided my dick to her pussy and led it in. “Have you ever done this before,” she asked. “No,” I said. “I’ll teach you.” she told me to go up and down, in and out. After a few minutes i got the drift and started to pump in an out of her. First gently then a little harder. I could feel myslef about to cum. I shivered a little and shot my load into her awaiting pussy. She shook too and i felt her pussy get tighter then I felt her cum too. It was great. We lay there for a second me still in her. We rolled around a little more on her bed. Her husband wasn’t gonna be home for a couple of hours so she asked if I wanted to shower with her. I said yes and ran into the bathroom. We turned on the water took out the soap and cleaned each other. Let me tell you, sex is good in the shower when you’re both very wet. Since then I’ve been over her house three times. Each time she has taught me something new about sex.

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