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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Massachusetts
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

My cousin, our friend and I always played together as kids. I always realized that I felt attracted to girls as much as boys. One night when I was 16, the three of us were spending the night at my parents house, while our parents went out to dinner. I took a shower and came out wearing nothing under my rope (I never did), next to shower was my cousin and finally our friend.

We decided to watch a XXX video that I had taken from my brothers’ room. It so happen that I picked one where girls were having sex. About ten minutes into the movie, I was pinching my nipples and felt very wet. My cousin was mowning while playing with her clit and our friend was already getting there. I walked over to my cousin and I asked her if she wanted to have sex with me and she said YES right away. We went to the bed and we started kissing each other, at first very softly, and then very passionately, and wild. We did everything the women in the movie where doing, but the part that we ennjoyed the most, was when we rubbed our clits together, first gently, then faster, and faster, until we were both so wet, that we were exhausted. Our friend just sat there looking at us, not believing what we were doing, or maybe wanting to join in, but was too shy to do so.

Afterwards, my cousin and I went to the shower and we asked our friend to come join us. She was hesitant, but she did come in the shower with us. We made love to her in the shower, I sucked ner nipples so much and so hard that she kept asking me to keep doing it, and to bite them, not softly, but very hard, my cousing was down sucking her clit, until she had the best orgasm ever (so she says).

The three of us moved to the bed, and we made a chain, I ate my cousins clit, my cousin ate her clit and she ate mine. We are all now into our 40’s, married, and have children. Twice a month, the three of us still get away, alone (a girls night out away from husbands and children)to a hotel, go shopping, go out to eat and come back to the hotel room and have the best and the most wild sex between the three of us. We still talk about the first time, sex is still as great as the first time, except now we have toys, which make us look forward to our monthly get togethers. My friend still loves for me to suck her nipples and to bite them. Sometimes when her and her husband come for supper, she always finds a way to be alone with me, opens her shirt and has me suck them hard and touch her clit until she has an orgasm. She says that I am the best lover she has ever had. Sometimes during the week, either my cousin or my friend, come over during the day when I am home alone and we have a great time, watching pornos and having sex on the floor in the family room. We don’t know how long the three of us will be lovers, but until something happens, we will continue to enjoy each other. Although our husbands do not know, it is our secret.

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