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Neighbor Girl

Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: Hay Loft
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

We were done to our neighbors for the weekly community card
party. Thats where all the adults got together and played
cards. Us kids would all get together and play games and
stay out of our parents hair so they could have a good time.
Little did they know, us kids also were having a good time
This one girl, who was three years older than me, always
seemed to be left out of most of the games the other kids
were playing. We naturally hit it off together and would
just hide from everyone else.
We kept getting closer and closer to each other and would
talk to each other about everything. Of coarse the
conversation eventually turned to sex. We would hug and
kiss each other like our parents did. This really turned
each of us on. We started rubbing each others bodies. She
took her shirt and bra off exposing her beautiful breasts
and hardened nipples. She then and asked me to carress her
breasts and kiss her nipples. This really turned us both on
making her really wet and giving me a giant hardon. She then
took off her pants and wanted me to rub her pussy. She
showed me the spot that really drove her wild. She started
moving her hips in time with me hand. She hoarsely whispered
harder, faster. Then her whole body started to shake as she
lost total control and was cumming.
She then told me to take off my clothes. When my shorts hit
the hay my rock hard cock was sticking straight out. She
started to rub my cock with her hands. She leaned over and
popped the head of it in her mouth and started swirling her
tounge around it. She started moving it in and out of her
mouth really dring me wild. I told her I was about to cum.
She just started sucking faster and harder until I blew my
load in her mouth. She sucked every last drop of cum from
my cock.
She then wanted me to put my cock in her pussy. She laid
back on the hay and I moved over her and guided my cock to
her pussy. I tried to pushed my cock into her pussy, but
could only just get the tip in. She rapped her legs around
me and gave a big pull and I pusked and all 8″ of my cock
went into her pussy to the hilt. We stayed like that for a
minute to let her pussy get used to being filled with my
huge cock. Then I started pumping in and out of her really
slow, almost letting the head come out on each stroke. Her
hips started moving in time with my pumping. She started
moaning and pushing faster and harder. I kept in up with
her movements. Going faster and driving my pelvis hard
against hers. Driving deep inside her with each stroke. She
started to spasm as she was cumming. I drove deep inside her
one last time and pumped my hot cum in her contracting pussy.
We laid there for a long time holding and kissing each other
too tired to move.
That was my first time with her or any girl. We are now
married and have two childeren. We have sex at least four
time a week and it is always great.

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