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My Young Virgin Boy

Where it happened: my bed
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Category: Straight

I worked with a boy that did maintenance at the pool where I was a lifeguard this summer. He and not old enough to be a lifeguard but he sure was cute and had a totally hot body. Lot’s of times I’d be looking at him instead of the pool like I should have. No boy had ever had this affect on me. So one day I took him home and gave him a surprise. I undressed him and myself and licked all over that tight young body that I had been admiring all summer. His skin was smooth like velvet and he got so excited. Of course he was a virgin too but he was willing to learn like I was. He told me he was hot for my body too and was watching me every day. So it was perfect, we both wanted each other. I gave him a condom and he was inside of me quickly! Could that young boy fuck! I held his smooth hard body and wrapped my legs around his until we both exploded between our legs! It was the best feeling for both of us and I screwed that boy raw all summer. It’s too bad I’m in high school and he’s in middle school but we still get together for fun! I’m driving over to pick him up now.

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