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My Teenage Son’s First Time

Where it happened: his room
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I viewed the most erotic, sensual event recently and I still cannot believe what I saw. I was spying on my teenage son. I had overheard him talking to his young girlfriend and they were planning to lose their virginity together. Two things were amazing about this. First, their love making was very erotic. , they are both only s old!

I installed a peephole to his bedroom then let him think that I was gone for the evening. Of course, he invited his girlfriend over immediately and after she arrived I snuck into position. I had no intention to chastise or punish my son for engaging in sex. He knew that it was ok with me. I just wanted to see for myself what it looked like to see my boy fuck.

My son was stripped down to just his boxer shorts when he greeted his girlfriend at the door. He has never been shy about his body and for good reason. He is still very young looking, with no facial or body hair except for under his arms and a little pubic hair. He has a shaggy mop of brown hair and a nice smooth chest with young, defined pectoral muscles and a flat, hard stomach. His leg and thigh muscles are also well defined for his age and I am proud to say that he is a very good looking kid. I can easily understand what his girlfriend sees in him.

Even more so, I can understand what he sees in her. This is no ordinary old girl! She wore a tight blouse with no bra, an exposed midriff, and very very short cutoff jeans. The girl oozed sexuality. She is blond and tanned and could easily pass for 19. My barechested, barefoot son and his scantily clad girlfriend entered his bedroom and immediately embraced and kissed. They had their arms wrapped around each other and were passionately french kissing. What a conflicting sight it was! My boy is only about 5 foot 3 inches tall and weighs about 120. She is about four inches shorter than him and I would say about 95 lbs. But that weight is surely well distributed! They physically looked like the young kids they were, but they were engaging in a very adult activity.

Her blouse buttoned from behind and my son unfastened them and the blouse slipped to the floor. Her perfectly formed breasts were now bare and she pressed them against my son’s bare chest as they continued their passionate kiss. He then moved his mouth down her neck and lowered his lips to one of her nipples. I had a clear view of her breasts now and I sure was envious of my boy. Her areolas were dark brown and the erect nipples stood out. The breasts were perfectly formed mounds and I would guess they are about 34 C’s. As my son moved my mouth from nipple to nipple, she unfastened her shorts and let them drop. Then she slid her panties down and stood nude in front of my young boy, who was enjoying himself immensely.

One amazing thing is that her smooth skin is deeply tanned and when she removed her clothes there were no tan lines! Obviously this beautiful young thing sunbathes in the nude. She whispered something to my boy and she stepped over to his bed and laid down on it. He removed his boxers and revealed a very stiff seven inch penis.

She was lying on her back with her legs spread apart. My son laid down in front of her and buried his face over her shaved pussy. He worked his tongue into her and she moaned very loudly. As he licked faster she threw back her head, heaved her breasts upward, and screamed in pleasure. They figured they were alone in the house and could make as much noise as they wanted. When my boy raised his face his lips and chin were all wet, as was the bedspread between her legs. Then they switched positions and my old son was about to have some first rate foreplay performed on his young body by his little teenage sex goddess girlfriend.

First, she laid her body right on top of his and again they french kissed. He was rubbing his hands on her smooth back all the way down to her cute little round ass cheeks. She was grinding against him but they had not begun to fuck yet. After a while she rolled off of him and sucked on his diamond studded earlobe before working her way down his neck. She licked his shoulders and his chest before stopping on his left nipple. She twirled her tongue around it for a long time then moved to his right nipple and repeated the sensual stimulation. The contented look on my son’s young face was priceless. His chest rose and fell as he breathed heavily and his erect penis was twitching. I didn’t know how much more he could take, but I hoped that he was able to contain himself and just enjoy the ride. As she licked and sucked on one nipple, she gently fingered his other one, pleasing both of them at the same time. Then her mouth moved to the center of his chest and she licked her way down his abdomen, stopping at his belly button. She plunged her tongue in there and twirled it around. I fully expected her to go to his penis next, but she got up and went all the way down to his toes and started sucking on them. My son was getting the full treatment. She worked her way up his legs, licking his feet, ankles, calfs and knees before kissing and licking her way up his inner thighs. She then lapped her tongue on his balls and his legs began to shake. Hold on, son, I was thinking! Then her mouth made it to the promised land. She licked the mushroom tip of his penis, which was noticeably dripping, then lowered her entire mouth onto his shaft. As she had him deep into her throat, she shifted her body until they were in the classic 69 position. My son’s tongue went to work on her pussy as she lapped his throbbing cock. She did not try to bring him to orgasm, though, and I figured she was saving him for her own pussy. I was right.

She released his cock and rolled off of him and laid down face up next to him. My son asked if she was ready and she nodded. He got on his knees and crawled over until he was positioned between her spread legs. Her pussy was gleaming and wet and he lowered his penis to her slit and gently entered her. He placed his hands on the bed beside her shoulders, stretched out his legs, and began to slowly thrust in and out of her. She raised her knees and pressed her legs against his thighs as he fucked her very deliberately. What a sight…my little old son having raw, passionate sex with a beautiful young girl! Their nude bodies were one and they looked so innocent and so happy. How could this ever be wrong?

He picked up his tempo and she locked her legs around his. By her reaction, she had reached orgasm first. She panted and screamed and dug her fingers in to my son’s back as she came forcefully. After her shutter of pleasure, she concentrated on bringing her lover to orgasm too. She raised her face to his chest and again licked his nipples as he thrust harder and harder. From my position, I could see his penis going back and forth into her and could only imagine what he was feeling. His long brown hair was falling in his eyes and he looked so much like a boy but was acting so much like a man. I was so proud of him. He let out a loud grunt in his still boy-like voice as he ejaculated his cum deep inside of her. He continued thrusting until he was dry, then he just collapsed onto her breasts and they just laid there, holding each other’s young bare adolescent bodies.

Their post-coital kiss was long and tender, and I knew that these two kids had deep feelings for each other. Who are we to judge if kids cannot experience love too? They uncoupled and my son’s cum was dripping from her pussy so he licked it clean, then she in turn cleaned off his cock. Then they slipped under the covers together and settled down for a nap. When I thought they were asleep I snuck away from my position at the peephole and quietly left the house. I later called my son and told him I was not going to return until the next day, leaving him to have an uninterrupted night of wonderful teenage sex.

When I returned home I admitted to my boy what I had done and apologized to him for invading his privacy. He forgave me and was not angry at all. He admitted that he liked the thought of someone watching him. I asked him if it really was his first time and he said that they had oral sex a few times before but were waiting for intercourse until her birth control pills took effect. I complimented him on their responsibility and told him that he did not have to sneak around and that his girlfriend is always welcome here. During this last summer they slept together many nights and are still enjoying an active, fulfilling sex life. I have to admit that I am envious of my son, but I am also very happy for him. They’re both good kids and they deserve the pleasure they enjoy.

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