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My Sister’s Boyfriend

Where it happened: my bed
Langauge: English
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

First I have to say that I was nothing like my little sister. I’m average looking with an OK body and I date alot, but no sex yet. My sister, on the other hand, is attractive, well built and very trashy. She wears tiny tops and short shorts with a pierced navel and butterfly tattoos on her hips. She is blond and looks about 18 when she wears make up, which is always. She lost her virginity and has entertained an number of boys in her bedroom. Our mom works two jobs and is hardly ever home.

My sister is now 13 and her current boyfriend is the most popular boy in her middle school, a well built and attractive quarterback on the football team. I was home from school and I was looking for one of my videos that my sister always borrows from me. I checked out the video that was in her vcr in her room. I was shocked to see that it was her and her boyfriend having sex. What was even more shocking is that it had to have been shot by someone in the room since the camera moved and there were closeups as well as long range shots. I took the tape to my room and watched it for hours. I had seen porn before but this was amazing. Those two looked so good together and I was so jealous of my sister. The more I watched the more I wanted not just a boy, but her boy. His naked body was gorgeous and he knew how to make her feel good. I learned a few things from my sister too on how to please a boy during sex. It was then that I came up with a plan.

When my sister got home I confronted her with what I found. She wasn’t mad, in fact she was proud of herself. I told her I would keep it our little secret if she did something for me. I wanted to go to bed with her boyfriend. She thought about it and said “why not.” He was coming over after practice that day and of course mom didn’t get home till 10. His coach dropped him off and he had his gym bag and wore shorts, a mesh jersey and flipflops. His blond tipped hair was still wet from a shower and was not spiked like he usually wore it. My sister met him at the door and gave him a deep french kiss with her hands up under his shirt and they went to her room. About a half hour later, she came into my room wearing his jersey and panties. She said she talked with Randy (her boyfriend) and they agreed that he could fuck me. She told me to have a good time then called Randy in. He walked in wearing just his boxers and his sexy athletic body looked so good to me. My sister closed the door behind her and Randy looked a little awkward. This was a strange situation for a old boy to be in, even though he had just had sex with my sister. I stood up and thanked him for doing this for me and put my hands on his muscular smooth chest. I knew he liked this from watching the video. Soon I was kissing his chest and licking his nipples and I could see his erection poking through his boxers. Then I pulled off my top and shorts and suddenly I was naked in front of him. Now I knew I didn’t have the perfect body my little sister had, the one that Randy could fuck any time he wanted to. I hoped this wouldn’t disappoint him. That’s why I knew my best bet was to continue pleasing his body. Again I licked his nipples as I worked his boxers down. Then I went to my knees and took his seven inch hard penis in my mouth. I could taste and smell my sister on him but Randy was enjoying the attention I was giving him. I rubbed his thick hard thighs and was so excited knowing that this perfect specimen of a boy was soon going to be fucking me. Randy’s penis twitched as it continued to fill with blood. I knew he would have some staying power since he had just cum inside my sister. Now I wanted him inside of me. I said “fuck me Randy” and I laid down on my bed. He joined me and got his young hard body in position over me. It looked so nice. He entered my quickly and pushed himself all the way up me. The initial penetration hurt but I was well lubricated and his shaft slid effortlessly inside of me. I enjoyed watching him in action with my sister but this was a hundred times better. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and crossed my legs above him like I saw my sister in the video. Randy said “oh yeah!” and started moving faster in and out of me. His eyes were fixed on my breasts under him and I rubbed them and fingered my nipples, which also felt good. Then, like my sister in the video, I raised my face to his chest and licked his nipples. Randy sighed and continued to pump me as I approached orgasm. Then I came. It wasn’t breathtaking or anything, but it was very nice. Randy went on a couple more minutes until he came inside of me. He didn’t have a whole lot to say but I thanked him and told him he was great. I could tell he was still not comfortable with the situation so I let him go back to my sister.

So I laid on my bed, having just lost my virginity to my little sister’s old hunk boyfriend. The sex was great but little Randy was about a 1 on the personality meter. Still, all things considered I’m glad that it happened. My sister and Randy are still together, but even she says its only physical. But what a physical!

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