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My Neighbore

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Well There was this guy. Actually my boyfriend. He always comes to my house to court me. and of course to check on what’s happenning to me and of course to help in my work. One day my father and mother went to a business trip my brother went to see the movies with his friends. My sister went on a date. When suddenly my boyfriend came. Of course we chat and all that. But I cannot talk to him much because I have to do my choir. Suddenly I felt his hand in my shoulder and whispering that He love me so much. And he started to kiss me. At then I don’t have any idea on what he is doing. It’s okey because he was my boyfriend. Bu suddenly I felt his hand sliding into my legs. Then I got curioused and a little bit shocked. And then he kissed me in my lips. My fist kiss. Then He brought me into my room and laid me in my bed. Then he began to undress me. I was quite shocked. The only thing that was left on me was my panty. Then he began to harassed my breast then I felt hot. It hardened and slowly I felt his tongue going down to my pussy. And slowly removing my panties. I was really hot and wet. Then suddenly i felt this big thing infront of my pussy. That was my first time to ever see a thing like that. (Of course in real life) I see those only in books. He slowly slid it in. It really hurts. I even shouted. It didn’t fit. But He still forced to enter. Blood came out of my pussy. Then He began to row his body. Up and down. While I almost cry because of the pain. After a few strokes the pain turned into lust. It felt good. Of course there still a little bit of pain. Then he came inside me. I felt his sperms running through my vigina. After that I almost can’t stand because of the pain. It hurt for almost a week. But still we did it again in his house and sometimes in my house. Right now I’m pregnant and my parents ask me to marry him. But we’re still young. But it’s okey I love him with all my hearth.

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