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My Naked Neighbors

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Her bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

It was right after this new fambly moved in next door to us. My mom went over to bring them a plate of cookies to welcome them to the neighborhood and imagine her surprise and astonishment when the woman came to the door naked, wearing nothing at all.
Mom said she told her she was sorry if she had startled her but she and her family were nudists. They beleeved their was nothing obseen or immoral about the human body and no reason to keep it confined in clothing rather than breathing free.
She said they had three dotters, age 16, 14 and 12, and they all beleeved the same way. Except they did not go out in public naked of course.
When I heard this I was eager to go over there and see for myself but my mom said now now, restrane yourself. They seem like perfectly nice people and not immoral or anything.
But two days later we got some mail at our house that was ment for them and mom said I could take it over, so I did, full of antisipation.
But when she came to the door to my disapointment Mrs. Jennings had shorts on and a tee shirt. You could see she had a great body but couldn’t see her pussy or tits.
Then she said you havent met my dotters have you, and called them in, Becky and Peggy and Sammy. And oh boy, they were naked. Or Becky and Peggy were. Sammy had on shorts but no shirt. And they all had great young bodies. Even Sammy had very nice tits.
They all said hi, and glad to know you, and were not at all self conshus. I was getting a hard on but tried to keep from showing it.
Mrs. Jennings said you will have to come over some time and let the girls introduce you to there record colection. Do you like rock and roll?
I said I sure do and and Becky said fine, why dont you come over this afternoon?
I said I wood, and I did.
Mrs. Jennings had gone to the store and the girls were still naked and they took me in their play room and put on some Bill Haley and the Comets and we dansed to it and I took turns dansing with them and all three of them I cood feel those tits pressing against me and I was getting harder and harder.
So then Becky said this isnt fair, we’re getting our neighbor all worked up and we shood do something about it. And she reached down and unzipped my fly and unbottoned my shorts and took out my dong which had gotten amazingly big and hard.
Becky said what can we do about this? and Peggy said I know, I know, and Sammy said I know, I know. Becky said no, me first and led me over to the couch.
Then she said why don’t you take off those resctriktive clothes, neighbor, and let your body breathe free. So I took off all my clothes and she said now, don’t you feel better. I said yes, and she said then lets take care of that hard on and she layd down and spread her legs and pointed to her pussy and said here, put it in here.
So I did. I had my very first fuck and it was heavenly. When I was about to come I said I better pull out and she said oh don’t be silly, our parents have protected us, so I came inside her and she came at the same time and it was the greatest feeling of my life up to that time.
Then Peggy said my turn now, and by god she took my dong and licked on it and sucked on it until it got big and hard again and she layed down and said now give it to me.
So I did and had another great fuck, and again we both came together.
And would you believe young Sammy then took a turn, and I swear that kid weas the hottest of them all. Becky said that was because she hadn’t had as much fucking as they had and it was still a big thrill to her. Not that it’s not a thrill to us too, she said, but we’re more used to it.
So for the last two years I have had wonderful fucking over there, and a couple of times even with Mrs. Jennings, who is the greatest fuck of them all.
And one time there dad came in while I was doing it with Sammy and he said hey, a party, I want to get in on it and he started fucking his wife right there in the same room and when he got done he said now your turn, and let me fuck his wife while he fucked Becky.
So I’m glad we have them for neighbors, and no, I don’t think they are wicked or immoral. They are just nature lovers and they like to do what comes naturally.

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