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my little girl

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: shop
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Well it all started when we meant at my granpa’s shop. Sher was my cousin’s friend, she wasn’t bad looking, her tits were about a hand full, her body was perfect. I was working on a tractor engine, she came out in a really sexy white bikini. We started talking, as soon as we knew it we were all over eachother, then she started giving me head, god damm she bites fucking hard. she bit down and i through her ass up againt a wall and took off her top, then tore her panties off, she was kind of struggling, and said to get off her, i said its to late bitch, and procced to finger her. she moaned a little then i took my pants off and shoved it deep inside her, trusted ever deeper, until she was screaming. I have to admit i’m a big guy, about 6’4 200 pounds, riped like no other. she continued to strugle but i continued on. Probably about a half hour, then i blew it in her and put ny clothes on.

she gave birth later that year to a 8 pound little girl, the most beatiful little girl. I evently took over my grandpa’s farm. We don’t see much of each other but I contue to send her a check every month, and visit about every two months.
i love my daughter, and would do anything to make my daughter happy. Sex definetly isn’t anything to rush into, but i was fortnite enough to have a very stable a substancly income to support my family.

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