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My first 3-way

Where it happened: girls house
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I 8 and getting ready to go overseas for the Army. There was this going away party and Shelly and Amanda was there.Shelly was about 5’2 with huge tits and Amanda was about 5’5 with nice lucious breasts. Well anyhow, we all got drunk and Shelly invited me back to her apartment. I did not know that Amanda was going also. When we got to her apartment, Shelly tells me that they have a going away gift for me. Shelly begins stripping her clothes and being that she was all of 18 her tits were still firm for their size. I begin kissing Shelly deeply and at this time Amanda begins taking my pants off. Of course by this time my dick is harder than hell. Amanda begins licking my balls and I am licking and suckling Shelly’s tits. I reach down and begin masturbating Shelly by playing with her clit.
Amanda also reaches a hand over and helps me with Shelly. Shelly by this time is in total extasy. We finally make it to a bed and I lay Shelly down and begin licking her sweet pussy. At this time Amanda undresses and to my surprise sits on Shelly’s face. I can hardly control myself. I thought I would cum at this point. Finally I turn Shelly over and begin fucking her doggy style while she gives Amanda head. It doesn’t take long to cum while you watch one girl eat another out.
It was like my cock didn’t even get soft. Amanda turns Shelly over and begins eating her. I then enter Amanda and she has got the tightest hottest pussy I have ever fucked. Amanda moans so loud that I thought the neighbors would come knocking. Eventually I layed on the bed and Amanda mounted me and was like a wild stallion. Shelly kept rubbing Amanda’s love button with her finger as we fucked. I couldn’t tell you how long it lasted but it was my first three-way and one of my greatest experiences ever. I lost contact with Shelly but everytime I see Amanda all I think about was that night and how great of a fuck she was. I later learned through a mutual friend that Shelly had a crush on me and Amanda being there was just an accident. Thank goodness for accidents.

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