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Mrs. C

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Neighbor's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Mr. and Mrs. C lived in a mansion. He was a stockbroker. She was a housewife. And what a housewife !!! She was more than twice my age. She had hair the color of fresh strawberries; she was a little of over six feet tall. She was what I call a high ass bitch[long long legs]; she had a set of tits that weren’t big but perfect for her body; and I still dream of that ass !!

They hired me to mow their lawns. There were four of them. And I got to use their big lawn tractor. It used to take me four hours to do the lawns. They paid me $5.00 an hour with a $5.00 tip.

The afternnoon when I lost my virginity was a hot one. I had just finished and went to the door to collect my pay. Mrs. C invited me in for a glass of iced tea. We sat on the deck which was shady and protected by shrubbery all around. Mrs. C sat right beside me with her thigh touching mine. Her mere nearness got me extremely hard.

Mrs. C finally asked me if I would like to make a $100.00. Of course, I said yes. She said she would pay me that if I took my clothes off. I was reluctant but she convinced me that no one could see us and it would be our secret. A $100.00 was a lot of money. So I stood up and removed all my clothes. Mrs. C just stared at me for a while then motioned for me to come closer. I walked up until my hard cock was in her face. She took it her hand and pumped a little. Then she licked it. She said that Mr. C wouldn’t let her do that to him because only sluts did that. She then ran her tongue over my balls; took one in her mouth and sucked on it. She ran her hot tongue around under the big purple head of my prick.

She told me that she loved the feel and taste of a nice big cock in her mouth so she slowly enveloped my cock into her mouth and began to suck; first slowly then franatically. Her long hair tickled my balls. She then asked me to grab her head and fuck her face hard ! I grabbed her hair and pounded in and out of those beautiful lips.

It was only a minute or two before I exploded and filled her throat with my cum. She swallowed all of it.

Mrs. C decided that the lawns needed mowing twice a week. I never fucked her cunt ; in fact never saw her naked, but did get my cock sucked twice a week all summer long and made a lot of money.

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