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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: babysitting
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

it was a normal day and i was called on to babysit for a black couple that lived about three blocks from my house(a pair of my mothers friends). so i had agreed to watch thier three children. i really hadn,t even started babysitting when the littlest one wanted me to play with her barbie dolls. so being the great friend,cool babysitter i played with the dolls. i had relly wanted to watch wrestling on television but figured that there would be a repeat on later that night. i was only supposed to baby sit for three hours but it turned into six, but i didn’t care because i would only get paid even more. what i didn’t realize was that i would get paid even more than i thought. well eventually they came home in a good mood(drunk) and thought that since it was so late that i might as well spend the night, so i called my mother to get permission and she agreed. so i flipped on the television and started to watch the repeat. soon the neighbors husband decided that he was too tired to watch television any more and went up to bed. the neighbor decided that i needed something to sleep in besides the clothes that i had worn over to her house. so she went upstairs and got me a pair of her sons boxers. the boxers turned out to be way too small for me and my erection kept falling out of them. i can’t remember why i had had an erection at the time but oh well. well me and my neighbor were watching television and all of a sudden i feel this hand on my knee. well i thought she probably fell asleep next to me on the couch. but no there she was looking at me with lust in her eyes as she whipped the blanket off of me and took me into her mouth. boy did that feel good. i was enjoying it very much, when she asked me if i wanted to put it inside(her exacy words). well i went for it for all i had. well to make a long story short, i really didn’t last that long and came all over her body. just as her husband got up to go to the bathroom, well i’ve never seen a woman get dressed so fast in my life. then she went up to bed. well every since that day i have wished for it to happen again,but it never has. but she will always be my first and favorite.

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