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Mom and Nick

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

It was ther first time that mom and I ever did anything like this. It was in the morning and my father had already left for work. I was in the bathroom, having just gotten out of the shower, and was standing there naked when my mother walked in. It was an accident and she didn’t mean to, and she looked as surprised as me. We both blushed and grinned and laughed about it, both of us trying not to act too embarrassed about it. Mostly my mother looked amused and teased me about what a nice looking son that she had. I figured that I would just tease her back, and told her what a nice looking mom I had, and how it was too bad that she was wearing a robe.
Being playfully flippant about it, she asked if I wanted her to take her robe off. I laughed and said sure. To my surprise she went ahead and opened her robe and slipped it off. Planning to take a shower too, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. So now we were both nude, grinning and laughing. Well, I couldn’t help it. Suddenly seeing this rather attractive naked woman, and finding the fact that she was my mother exciting, I started to get a hard-on. I mean, there was no holding it back. My dick shot up. Not that mom looked shocked. I could tell she was enjoying seeing me having a boner. She said something like, “Oh! My! I wasn’t expecting you to have such a big one!”
I blushed and and asked if that was good or bad.
She blushed a little too, and said that it was good, only how she shouldn’t necessarily be enjoying that with her own son. I pointed out that it was not like anyone was going to know, especially dad, and she said that she certainly hoped not. I teased her and asked if she wanted to have a feel. She blushed some more but reached down to feel my boner. While she did that, I felt her full breasts. We stood there in the bathroom doing this and suddenly I couldn’t hold back, and I squirted. It just came shooting out and went all over her stomach, legs and feet.
I felt kind of embarrassed by my lack of control, but we both laughed. I cleaned up and mom got into the shower. That was the first time that we had ever done anything like that together and it was so much fun!

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