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Mile High Club

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: on a plane
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

i was in 9th grade and my class was going on a two week student exchange program to germany. there was this one girl in my class “Ti” she was the most beautiful being i had seen till then- and she still is- on the flight to germany we were seated next to each other, and after most of the passengers went to sleep we watched the inflight movie together. at this point i had also started to get enough courage to carry on a good conversation wit Ti, and as you might have guessed the movie was a love story. watching the movie i got a hard on because of the many nude scenes. my dick was not all that big back then- 5 inches at most- so i don’t know how she saw my erection. be that as it may she saw me and turned to me, she laid one of her hands on my crotch and strted a slow swirling motion. i had wanted desperatley to jack off to the movie and now the hottest girl in my universe was rubbing my crotch. it was to good to be true. i looked at her and asked her” why are you doing this”? “very simple” she replied “i want you, and i have wanted you for a long time.” well that was great news. unsure of what to do i reached out and strted to fondle her well developed breasts, she smiled and unzipped my pants allowing her better acces to my now throbbing cock. once she had it out she leaned over and engulfed the whole thing in her mouth. it fealt great. i got worriwed others would see us so i said we should move to the bathroom and the two of us somehow managed to squeeze ourselves into one of those plane Johns. once inside we decided to hurry least we be found out, and both striped down to nudity. having accomplished that she sat on the toilet and leaned back, allowing me to line myself up with her hairy hole. i pushed into her and she squeeled and moaned which really turned me on. also the feeling of warm moving flesh surrounding my cock was absolutely overwhelming. after only about seven thrusts i came and to my surprise she came with me. i came in her only once and pulled out nd squirted the rest on her like i had seen in the porn movies i had watched. i have to tell you masturbating is only about 10% as good as the real deal. SEX ROCKS!!!!!! after we had put our clothes back on we headed back to our seats and worried the rest of the flight that she might get pregnant. when we got to germany we found that our guest families lived next to each other and more importantly she remembered she was on the pill for her periods. this allowed us to have sex regularly throughout our stay in germany. once we even had an orgy with our hosts children but thats another story. however our relationship did not last. when we got back to the states surrounded by our classmates we could not be around each other for long without running the risk of accidentaly blurting the truth to someone. once in a while we do stil fuck, and i must say it’s an honor to be loved by such a smart and pretty girl.

PS: about a week after we returned i found out that we had joined the so called mile high club with our first time. this club consists of ppl who have had sex at an altitude in excess of 5280ft. we laughed, but were also proud to have shared such a special moment together.

Thank you for loving me Ti

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