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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: beach
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Okay, i’ll admit, I was saving myself for marriage, which is exactly what I did. This might sound sappy, but oh god, was the sex GOOD!
I had just gotten married, and we went to Hawaii for our honey moon. My hubby was very, well, anxious. We took a stroll on the beach, and I was running around in the waves when he ran up behind me and turned me around. He gave me the most passionate kiss, his tongue in my mouth, sucking my tongue, nibbling it gently. Well, naturally, i started to get horny. He reached up and started to rub my tits through my swim suit. I could feel him getting hard because he was pressed so tightly against me. We were still in the water, but he didn’t care. My tits got hard, real real hard, harder than I could have ever imagined. He pulled down the top of my suit and started to suck on my breasts, harder and harder. I started to rub his dick, teasing him. First fast, then slow, than fast, and then not at all. He got harder and harder. This was fun, teasing him. he picked me up and laid me down, even though we were in shallow water. he pulled my swimsuit off all the way and flung it onto the sand. He went down to my pussy and started finger fucking me. Oh, it felt soo good. He was gentle because He knew i was a virgin. First one, than two, than three. I started to get really wet, his fingers in me, stretching my vagina in all directions. He then started to lick me, harder and harder. I felt an orgasm coming on, so I grabbed his head and shoved it into my pussy, his tongue hitting my G-spot over and over. I screamed because it felt soooo good. I cummed into the water and all over his face, and I could see it floating in the water. Then he moved up and frenched me, and inserted his dick in me. It didn’t hurt like everyone says it does, but it felt like heaven. He pumped and pumped harder and harder. He then put me on top of him, and told me to pump him. I slid his shaft into my magic hole, and we did this for twenty minutes until he came. We weren’t worrying about condoms since we wanted kids anyway. Well, then I got off and started to give him a blow job. I had done this before. i sucked and sucked, and finally he came. Then we fucked again, into the night. it was so romantic and FUNN!!! I waited till I married, and I suggest you do too. The longer you wait, the better the sex. 🙂

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