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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: at her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

well when i was in 10th grade i had a fine ass math teacher. im talkin bout some big tits; a nice ass; and not fat at all. she had just graduated college. she was 22 (only 7 years difference). well i suck at math so we decided that it would be good for me to study at her house some weekends. well the first weekend nothing happened. the second weekend nothing happened. but the third weekend she must have fogotten that i was coming over. when i got there she was wearing a short dress that just barely covered her pantys and a tight t-shirt. well she didn’t change her clothes. so i sat in the chair and she sat on the couch. well looking at her i got so hard. i told her i had to go to the bathroom and she must have seen the bulge in my jeans. well i was in the bathroom jacking off when she came in there. i tried to hide it but she said it was okay and for me to follow her. so we went to her room. she told me that she liked my dick. my dick was 7 inches back then. she told me to take off her shirt so i did. i slowly lifted the shirt off and saw her big beatiful breasts. she told me i could touch them so i did. i rubbed on them and kissed them and sucked them. then she got down on her knees and sucked my dick for what seemed an hour or two. it felt so good. my hot sperm filled her mouth. she told me to do her doggie style so i got behind her and fucked her nice twaat. next i got in front of her and fucked her red hair pussy. i swear she drove me crazy she was so fine. we fucked for about an 2 hours till my dad showed up because it was time for me to go home. she told me she would see me next weekend. she saw me next weekend and every other weekend till the end of 10th grade. i have since fucked many other women but she was the best one i have ever fucked.

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