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Master & Slave

Where it happened: University of Maryland Campus
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Well, here goes. This is a true story, but I doubt anybody will belive it, I barely do myself. I’m 5’8″, light brown hair past my shoulders, 140 lbs., and 34C’s. My master is 5′ 11″, short black hair, 155 lbs. and a nice 7.5
inches. I met my master at the start of my sophmore year at college. We were both into RPG’s and games and such. We didn’t hit it off at first. I was always kinda shy, and at the time he had a GF. Well, as the year went on, we became friends, just from seeing each other so much, and eventually we developed a little ritual where we would walk across campus to the coffee shop and talk after a game. This continued for about three months, just us talking and drinking coffee. One night he brought up the idea of us going out (he had broken up with his GF about a month
ago). I was against it because I knew it was going to change our relationship, and would probobly end bad. I turned him down, and for about 6 weeks all he would do was ask me out. Not in an annoying way, but little subtle things, and just beiong nice. I finally caved in and agreed. We went out for dinner and a movie, and thus our relationship began. Hugging and kissing became frenching and caressing, until I wound up sucking on him (all 7.5 inches) and he ended up fingering me. We never got TOO intense, for fear of roommates storming in unexpectedly.

But all that changed one weekend. his parents were out of town, and he invited me home. I had a good idea what was going to happen, but not the WAY it happened. Little did I know that he had been slowly and carefully conditioning me for this day, making me ask for things, “Rewarding” me, holding me down, and the like. When we got there, we ate, then watched some comedy central, until I decided to start things off by telling him I was going to take a shower. I had HOPED he was going to join me, but alas, was not to be. I got out and headed to the bedroom (his parents’), where he sat waiting. I dropped my towel (which was all I was wearing) and sat down next to him, making him trace the lines of my breasts, and frenching alot.

Then it began to happen. He took my arms above my head, and
handcuffed them to the bed frame. He did the same to my legs at the ankles. I didn’t think to much of it, we were having fun. He got up, and left the room (such a dammed tease…), and came back 2 minutes later with ALOT of toys. First, he tied my ankles a time, but this time to a bar (leg spreader). Then he put a light blue, squishy dildo IN MY MOUTH! He strapped it there!! There I was, sucking on this Jello-like dildo that was about 5 inches long, and it was strapped in place! Then he grabbed two vibrators, one about 6 inches, the other 7. He began slowly by licking me, and I heard one of them start to buzz. He first said, “I don’t want you to lose your virginity to a vibe, so I’ll take the honor, if you don’t mind.” I muffled out a “no” and he proceeded to insert himself, shattering my virginity forever. It hurt like hell, but I didn’t bleed too much, and the pain soon gave way to joy. He slowly stuck the first vibrator in, on a low setting, and ooooooooooohhhhhhhh, it felt so nice! I moaned out of
pleasure (moaning was all I COULD do) and he asked if it was good. He drew it out and licked all the fluid off it, and re-inserted it. He shoved all 7 inches in (THAT hurt for awhile, and eventually I got used to it), and I
heard the OTHER one hum to life. He lifted my back up some, and slowly pushed it in my ass, also hurting for awhile, but feeling good once I got used to it and let it do it’s job. He brought the speed controlers for the vibrators together, and began to fluctuate them high and low, all the while causing my no end of absolute pleasure. I started to watch for when he was turning which one’s high and low, but he saw I was looking and said, “We can’t have that. Just lie back and enjoy yourself.” He BLINDFOLDED me, and for the next 20 minutes, I was squealing off and on, all at him whim. I felt kinda raw, but we kept going. He took the dildo out of my mouth, and I thought he was replacing it with another, till I found out this one was HIS! He let me suck on his wonderous self, every now and again pulling out to massage his cock on my breasts, and the put himself back in my mouth. He came all over my breasts, and began to rub it into them like a massage oil. I was about spent, but still we kept at it. He replaced his cock with a ball-gag, and began to whip me lightly with a silk cat of nine tails, again, being a big tease. He massaged me all over with fragreced oil, and began to lick me to an orgasm. He would toy with my nipples, finger trace my slit, tickle me, and even took some hot wax to me. As it dripped onto my breasts, he would kiss me once for every drop, working his way down to my stomach, wheer he ate me out again, and then went into a 69. I performed as best I could, being strapped to the bed, but I think I did alright. As night came, I was EXHAUSTED. He untied my hands first, and quickly tied my wrists together behind my back. He took my ankles off the bed, but left them on the spreader. He left the blindfold on, but took the ball-gag out. As I slid off the bed, I dropped to my knees out of utter exhaustion. This wa apparently fine with him, as I felt his cock pierce my lips again, and his hands on my head. I sucked him of again, swallowing every last drop, as instructed. He put the ball-gag back in, and slid a dildo into me, put a small clip on each nipple, and a coller on my neck. And some bunny ears (I have NO idea why). He took me back onto the bed and told me to sleep. He crawled in next to me, and clipped a leash onto my coller and the headboard of the bed. I didn’t sleep well that night, but the joy of being totally dominated made the night pass quickly. The rest of the weekend was much the same, and I spent 2 days bedridden, unable to move out or soreness. My master and I are to be married soon, and we are still having great times “Bonding”. He has finished college now, with a job, and I’ll be graduating Spring 2001. Apparently, his parents run a bondage business out of their home, on the web, which is where he got all the equipment from. I’m not sure if his parents know about our interest yet, but I’m sure it’s come up. Just so you know, I’m only his slave when we are intimate,and every now and again, it’s “Role-Reversal” night! ^.^v

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! I know I did!


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