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Maddy and Eric

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: College
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

David lay on top of me for a moment or two, kissing my ears and neck, and I could feel his penis getting smaller inside of me, and then I tightened the muscles in my vagina and it slid out. David rolled over next to me with a soft smile on his face.

“I don’t think that hurt much…did it?” he asked. I replied by smiling and saying thank you. A minute or two later David got up and went into the bathroom and got a warm washcloth. “I don’t know if you are bleeding or not,” he said, handing me the washcloth and a towel, “but this might help you feel better.”

“Oh David, I just feel fine”. I put my arms up over my head and stretched, and he began to gently caress the lips of my vagina with the washcloth, but I was too sensitive then and I forced my thighs together, and then went into the bathroom myself. As I sat on the toilet I couldn’t see any blood, but there was a lot of sperm oozing out through the lips of my vagina, so I wiped them off a bit and then went back into the main room.

Eric and David were lying together on the bed. Eric still had his underpants on, and his erection seemed a bit smaller, but his eyes shifted to me as I walked naked into the room. “You are beautiful” whispered David, and then more loudly, “I’m going to roll another J and get some more wine.”

I went over and lay down next to Eric, who slid up next to me and kissed me softly on the cheek, and then more firmly on the mouth. I rolled over to my right and put my arms around him and kissed him back, and one of his hands drifted down to my hips, and then to the inside of my thighs and then to the lips of my vagina.

A few minutes earlier I had been too sensitive there for David to touch me, but I began to realize that I was again ready to be caressed, and to have another orgasm. With that, I reached down and slid my left hand under Eric’s underpants and touched the head of his penis. Only then did I realize how much larger his penis was, since I could not really get my fingers around it, and it seemed a lot longer than David’s.

I guess I should explain that I am just five feet two inches tall and weigh about a hundred pounds. One of my relatives once described my as “our prim little churchmouse”, and I always thought of myself that way, as the basic brown-haired, brown-eyed and not very exciting little intellectual. I’d hoped to change that image a bit in college, but here I was – I had just lost my virginity less than an hour ago and I was now starting ‘foreplay” with my first lovers’ lover.

Eric raised his hips and we both slid his underpants down and off, and then I could see how much larger he was. While David’s penis was delicate and almost elegant, Eric’s was big and somehow more masculine. He kissed me very passionately and then rolled onto his back so that I was lying across his chest, and then I lifted my left leg over his body so that I was lying fully on top of him. I could feel his penis against my belly, with its head touching my navel.

I rose up so that I was sitting on Eric’s thighs. We were facing each other with his penis jutting up between us. I wanted to make love to him, and I felt that he wanted me too, but his size scared me. I’d heard about “jerking off” and I began to understand how a boy would do this, and so I began to rub up and down the shaft of his penis. David watched for a moment from the other side of the room, and then he came over and handed me an opened jar of cold cream, and without a word being said I understood that I should use it to lubricate Eric’s penis.

As I did this, Eric was reaching up to caress my breasts, and occasionally reach down past his penis to touch the lips of my vagina. Then he pulled me forward to kiss me – I kept on rubbing his penis, even though my hand was constrained by the closeness of our bodies. Then he began thrusting with his hips, pushing his penis through my hand which was almost locked in place by our bodies, and pulling my shoulders down to kiss me even harder.

“Don’t stop. Don’t pull away Maddy. Its all right.” he whispered through deep breaths, and then he began moving his hips even more aggressively. I could feel the muscles in his legs and stomach tighten up, and then I could feel muscular spasms in his penis. I lifted my tummy a little and began to rub up and down the head of his penis more rapidly, and he relaxed his arms to give me even more freedom. As he was arching his body, I could look down between my breasts and see the head of his penis with my hand around it, the white of the cold cream contrasting against the bright red of its head.

As I straddled his thighs, my legs were pushed apart and the lips of my vagina were open. I momentarily thought of pushing his penis into the entry of my vagina, but this thought was spectacularly interrupted by his orgasm. A stream of sperm shot up between my breasts and reached my neck, and a second later another spurt hit the tip of my left breast. Then there were more spurts and both of us were almost covered with sperm.

“I assume this stuff is harmless to your skin”, I giggled, as some of Eric’s sperm dripped off of my nipples. “That was certainly spectacular”. And then, “I hope I did it right…”

“Maddy…you were really spectacular. That was wonderful.” replied Eric. “I guess we need a shower after that. I’d love to take a shower with you.”

While we were making love, David had rolled three more joints, poured more wine in our glasses and put on a record of soft baroque mandolin music. We had lit a number of votive candles when we came in, so our world was soft and seductive. “David, could you put a couple of candles in the bathroom so we don’t have to turn on the lights any more”, I asked, as Eric and I climbed out of bed.

The shower was quite large and had a shower head on a hose, and the three of us jumped into it. Both of the guys wanted to wash my belly and breasts, so shortly I was the cleanest little thing they had ever laid eyes on. Eric was quite a bit taller than I, and he decided to wash my hair, first wetting it down with the shower. He poured a little shampoo into his hands and then began massaging it into my scalp as I leaned my back against his body – its sounds crazy but it was very sensuous. David tried to use the shower head to wash my vagina, but that was a bit too stimulating, so I cupped my hand over it, until Eric took the showerhead to rinse my hair. He dried me with a big fluffy towel and then we joined David in the main room.

It was now just after midnight and it had begun to sleet – I remember hearing it hitting the windows – so we all knew that there was no way that I was going to leave until the next day.
We turned down the bed, and I crawled into the center, once again with David on my left and Eric on my right. We drank and smoked and listened to the music for a while. Eric occasionally nuzzled my cheek with his nose. I was softly mellow.

After a while, David seemed to be asleep and Eric turned and kissed me. I put my right arm under his head and drew him toward me. I could feel against my hip that he was getting erect again, and I certainly continued to be quite aroused. He touched my vagina and clitoris softly, until I rolled over on top of him, straddling him around the waist with my legs in almost the same position that I had been in earlier.

David had always been the energetic and humorous one, while Eric had remained shy and a bit in the background. But it had been Eric who would find me a cup of coffee, or help me move something heavy, and I had begun to realize that he had always been there for me, in one way or another. I now began to feel that he really cared for me, and I also began to realize that he wanted to make love to me fully.

As I straddled him, I could feel his penis in the lips of my vagina, and I began to roll my hips so that my labia moved up and down his shaft. Soon it felt as though my whole body was warm and almost glowing, and I wanted him inside of me, no matter how much it hurt and I told him so.

Then I remember holding onto the end of his penis, then lifting myself up and placing the tip of it inside of the lips of my vagina. I could feel the end of it going a little way inside of me, but then it became too big and I could feel it really stretching me open.

“I want to kiss your vagina. Tell me if I am doing it right, OK”, and then he cradled my shoulders in his arm as he rolled me back to the middle of the bed. Eric pushed the sheet and the quilt down to uncover us both while David, who was snoring softly, remained covered up.

I remember pulling his face to my left breast and he sucked and kissed it for a moment or two. And then kissed his way down my belly and my navel, and through my “muff” and to the lips of my vagina. I remember feeling his tongue go way up inside of me, and then he kissed my clitoris while his fingers caressed where his tongue had just been. I wrapped my legs around his head, drove my hips toward him, and tried to reach down to open the lips of my vagina wider. I wanted Eric to touch and kiss everything, all at once.

“I don’t want you to stop even if I’m screaming”, I told him. “A baby is supposed to get through there, and your sure are not as big as a baby”. And then I really couldn’t say any more as I was having the beginnings of an orgasm.

When I was finished with it, Eric began to kiss his way back up my body – on my belly, my nipples, and my armpit which somehow was very stimulated. As he reached my mouth, I could again feel the head of his penis in the entry to my vagina, as he inserted it a little way. I lifted my hips up to help him, and I dropped my hand down to help guide him to the right place. As I took his penis in my left hand he let go of it and put both arms around my shoulders, almost as though he was holding me in place so I couldn’t escape. But I didn’t want to escape.

When the head of his penis seemed to be directly in the entry to my vagina, I wrapped my legs around his waist and told him “Do it now. Push. Push inside me. Its all right”. And so he did.

As he entered me it felt very tight, and there was a sharp twinge of pain, right at the top of my vagina, where I knew that my maidenhead went across. And then more pressure and pain, but it was the type of delicious pain that comes from stretching my muscles during warming-up exercises. As he slid farther into me I moved my hand away from where it had been guiding his penis and wrapped both of my arms around his back. Truly, he was in me to the hilt, and I could feel my clitoris against his pelvis.

Then I could feel him pull back out. My body seemed to relax a bit, but I really didn’t want him to leave me yet. “Don’t pull out”, I whispered, “you’re not hurting me at all”, but I could feel that he was almost completely out of my vagina.

“I know that”, he replied. And then he thrust his penis back into me, seemingly setting off every nerve in my body. I remember making a loud moan, and then he kissed me hard on the mouth, and I could barely breath. He slowly pulled back and thrust into me again and again, and each time my hips would reach for him as he drove into me. At the peak of each thrust, he would mash my clitoris, which was now more sensitive and somehow bigger than it ever had been, either when I was masturbating or when I was making love to David.

After a few minutes I think that I had an orgasm almost every time he thrust into me, and I could feel his muscles tensing up. And then I could feel in the lips of my vagina that his penis was pulsating violently, and then my vagina was flooded as he reached a climax.

We lay together for about 10 minutes, with Eric’s penis still inside of me, and then he slid out and then I tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, but I could barely stand. Eric helped me to the bathroom where I turned on the lights and I sat on the toilet. There was some soreness and a little bit of blood from a spot just inside the top of my vagina, but I wiped myself up quickly so that I could get back into the warm bed with Eric. We talked for about a half hour and then both of us fell asleep.

I was awakened in the morning by David’s kisses on my cheek. He clearly wanted to make love to me again, but I told him that Eric and I had made love successfully and that I was really sore. Since he was fully erect, he asked me to masturbate him, and then asked me to give him head, which I did a little bit, until I saw that Eric was awake and watching us. David had an orgasm in my hands.

After breakfast I left to go back to my dorm room, and while I walked I resolved to get myself some nicer and sexier bras and panties, since I was now a “woman of the world”. I already had a couple of somewhat slinky turtlenecks, and when I returned from my shopping expedition, I tried them all on and realized that the girl in my closet mirror looked pretty sexy. After a day or two of wearing them just in my dorm room, where my roommate kept telling me that I looked as though I wanted to “get laid”, I wore them to class, and quickly got into a conversation with a sophomore stud, who promptly took me out for coffee, and then a fast, but very unsatisfying, trip to his dorm room.

I ran into Eric a few minutes after leaving my “afternoon delight” and he was obviously aware of the way that the ribbed turtleneck and the unusually tight jeans showed my body to the best advantage. “What are you up to?” he asked. “Oh, just testing out my new-found equipment”, I replied. He sort of pursed his lips and a moment later we each walked on after casually agreeing that we would see each other at the theater production on Wednesday night.

As I came in, one of the bitchier members of the cast muttered something to the effect that my “boyfriends had broken up”. And then I saw Eric. I was wearing my new look again, but I think that this turtleneck was sort of salmon colored, and his eyes seemed to lock onto me as I walked over to him.

“Whats this I hear”, I asked. “We are still friends”, he replied. “I just wanted more room to move around, and it is my apartment…its pretty small”.

“Is there room for me?”

“Yes. There is room for you.”

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