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Love in the afternoon

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: His bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I met Jeremy last March at a party and shortly. Nothing much happened between us then but we
talked and I felt something between us and then before he
left we agreed to go out the next weekend. When I told my
sister about Jeremy she cautioned me that he wasn’t virgin and had
fucked several girls she knew.
Well we started dating and that first time nothing much happened
except when the date was about done and he was kissing me good bye
that kiss got real HOT and I wanted more but decided to let that
be enough for our first date.
After that every time we were together our passions got progressively
hotter and hotter until it got so that after school we would be
together in his bedroom naked and doing everything but fucking.
ONe afternon last April, actually it was April 15th I was in his
bedroom making out, we were both naked and he was on top of me when
on an impulse I reached down and placed the head of his cock in my
vagina. We were kissing really deep as I felt him begin to push in.
At first it hurt a bit buy Jeremy kept up a steady pressure
pushing in to me. MY eyes were closed so that I could concentrat
on feeling everything because first times happen only once.
Actually it didnt hurt as much as I had imagined it would and then he
was all the way in me and he began moving his penis back and
forth, in and out and it began to feel really good and I had my
first orgasm. Now Jeremy was fucking me really fast and kind of
breathing funny and then he kind of groaned and said “Oh God
I’m going to cum” and pushed really deep inside me as I had my second
orgasm. We lay close together for a while and then we got dressed
and washed the sheets because their was a bit of my blood on
Since then we have become totally in love and together making love
three to four times a week. Jeremy and I are having to get married
soon because I have just found out that I am having his baby
and that is what happens when you are really in love.

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