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Age when it happend: 50
Where it happened: house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Hi My story took place a few years ago now I was widowed at the young age of just fifty my kids were all grown and gone living all over the u s so that left me alone very bord no man in my life not really interested in a new man .So this one day I was surfing on my computer where I found women fucking there dogs it even was a club where for a fee they furnish you a dog to have sex with theses dogs were well trained just for fucking women lol .They took me to a room and they brought in the very large sheppered dog they left it in the room with me they said it was trained to just fuck women it had never matted with a female dog just female women .There instructions were to get naked get on to the bed on your knees or your back as the dog knew how to do both ways well your right it was the very best sex any women could ask for the dog fucked me till I ran out of orgasims which I had never had so dam many of them in my entire life time no man has ever made me cum as often as this wonder full animal did plus after wards it licked my old pussie clean what a great place to go visit at lol I will be going there till I am to old to get down onmy knees lol by lorna .

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