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long Dong

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I was checking this neighbor girl she was very pretty
with all curves and it just happen her parents and mine
were friends. Me(rick) and sheri and my brother and sheri’s
sister carly started to play truth or dare. I was to put
my head both the girls shirts, they were 16 and sheri
was 18. So i put my head carly’s and sucked them and did
the same to Sheri and after sheri winked at me. Sheri was next to dare and she dared me to have sex with her.
So i went into the bedroom and slowly removed all her clothes, her baby fat in her tits and bum made her so
yummy. She took all of my clothes off as well and
my prick was getting bigger and bigger so she started to suck my cock with whip cream on it and i sucked her 34d tits. Then I ate her out with whipcream and blueberries, let’s just say they are my favorite. Then I stuck it her
vagina, nicely shaved. She planned ahead as well she
brought a glow in the dark condonm and jelly. I thrusted
my hips for about 10 mintues until she moan and then
she road me for a while. After my cock was so sore
she sucked off again. Then we did it doggy stlye
and that ended the night off. I have had sex with Carly
and their mother who is a lingerie salesmen who
is great in bed like both their daughters who equally
as pretty. Long Dong is the nickname all three of them gave
me. The wife is now divorced because her husband cheated
on her. I am now married to Sheri and my brother is married
to Carly.

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