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Little White Ass

Where it happened: my room
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Category: Straight

I got dragged to my little brother’s swim meet and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. We stayed for the older boy’s competition and that’s when I saw Travis. Now most of the boys in the 15-16 age group had hot bodies, but Travis had a great tan and what caught my eye was that when his speedos hiked up, his little white ass showed. I thought that was so cute and sexy. After the meet, I got my brother to introduce me to Travis. Well, to make it short, I invited Travis to dinner and we had talked on the phone a lot the week before he came. After dinner, my parents went to a movie and my brother went to his friend’s, so Travis and I were alone. It didn’t take long for us to get interested in each other’s bodies. I took him to my room and we started removing clothes. Soon we were down to just underwear and Travis had on only little bikini briefs. His speedo tan line was really visible. I told him just how cute that was and that I wanted to see all his tan line. Those briefs were off in a and sticking out from his little white strip was his stiff cock. Well I lost it then and didn’t even think about birth control or anything. I stripped nude and told Travis I wanted him. He got right on top of me and we were fucking like animals. It felt so good and his body was so hot to hold. I had my first orgasm and so did Travis because it was his first time too. We were cuddling afterwards and I was stroking that cute white ass when he said he was glad I was on the pill. Oh, shit, I said and when he figured out that we didn’t have any protection he got very excited and even angry. We started shouting and I told him he should have thought about it, too. The next few weeks were hell, especially when I was late with my period, but thank goodness I did get it. Unfortunately, Travis never forgave me so we never got together again. So my only sex so far time with a cute, sexy old swimmer with a golden brown tan and a cute little white ass.

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