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Little sexy boys

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was thirteen and it happened when Sara (step Mom) moved me to the the suburbs. Our new house had a private corner where I thought I could sunbath and get a good tan for summer. We were not totally unpacked when I grabbed my giant T and found the suntan lotion. I pointed to the giant backyard and Sara said good idea . She found a couple of blankets and we flattened some of the tall grass and we were sunning in no time. She leaned up looked around and removed her panties and small top and in a couple minutes I did too. In a half hour she went inside. And I followed leaving my things on the blanket. I felt so free with the empty suburb and so did Sara. Later that week as Sara announced she was going to the market I announced I was going to sunbath some more. I found my cassete player(remember them) and head phones and listened to the Music nude in my back yard. I wasn’t there long when about a dozen kids were talking loud were all around me. Some had gloves for baseball and they used my yard as a cut through. All were boys except one girl in pigtails . Hay what are you doing here they demanded. I pulled my head phones off and the blanket over me. I’m new I said . Fresh meat said one little boy with a dirty face and runney nose. A couple boys ploped down on my blanket making it impossible to cover up more. Two boys were now behind me looking at my uncovered backside. The little girl came up to me and said I am the only girl on this street I’m misty and I’m 8 years old . Glad to meet you and I patted her head. I now had ten kids standing around me at arms lenght. I noticed some boys had taken ahold of the corners of my blanket. I looked behind me where a few boys were reaching to touch my rear end there. Don’t I scolded in a hushed tone. Misty announced they like to look at nakey girls In a loud voice. They got lotta pictures. Misty shows us everything , we watch her go pee in the grass said one boy. Shame on you , I scolded . They all started repeating to each other shame on you, shame on you. I now have my blanket only held up to my navel as it is being slowly spread on the grass, two or three are on my hips and jugs are bouncing as I struggle to keep a hold of the blanket. She is so pretty! Look at her tits! Oooo la la ! The final reminants of blanket pulled from me. So I quickly kneel with my knees together and hold an arm over my nipples. Please don’t touch me I pleaded but I had hands all over me. Misty said you will get used to it. Just plain ole boys. She reached over and gentily grabbed my hand and pulled my arm away from my chest and I let her. As she held my hand no less than ten hands were on my 34 B’s . See It don’t hurt . Cept Jimmy he sucks real hard. He makes me sore and he don’t stop even when I cry. Everyone looked at a real little boy with a devilish smile. Jimmy was looking at my breast waiting his turn as everyone and even Misty was feeling my breast. I’m in 6th grade one boy boasted as he inspected me . Then he grabbed my face closed his eyes and kissed me with a rock hard pucker. Misty put her mouth on my nipple and lifted my breast and sucked it felt so good I closed my eyes because of the reaction I had everyone started on my sensitive nipples . I made the mistake of spreading my knees as I sat on my feet for balance. A little hand was between my legs it was Jimmy . Jimmmmmy please No, his other hand was between my feet I was sitting on. Even though I put my knees together both his little hands were on my pussy. Make her feel good , and don’t hurt her said Misty as she kicked him. My inner lips were spread and one finger was sliding up and down my vulva. I tried not to like it , and squeezed my legs together as I felt churnings from deep inside. One dirty faced boy gave me a beautiful kiss pulling me to my back and said in a squeeky voice let go. Let go. I’M A VIRGIN . We all were! said the dirty faced boy . What ! We all practice with Misty. And Thomas is only 9 said Misty. Your going to like it. Feels good said one boy after another. In spite of my struggle I was getting very wet . She is ready said Jimmy. Six boys quickly removed their pants and I saw my first penesis at the ripe old age of 13. Let me pick the boy I demanded. I never dreamed I would lose my virginity to a 5 th or 6th grader half my size. Line up and let me see them . Everyone ! I growled a little. For the first time in a while I had no hands on me as eve ryone was dropping their pants even Misty was removing her clothing. I sat up and looked at my house door 50 steps away . I bolted past Jimmy and Misty and ran head long in to two new bigger boys who were trotting and we crashed and tumbled in my yard. You head butted my face and split lip the one boy said as he pushed me off him. Where’s your cloths and he ran off. The other boy looked around at every one naked and stood up from the grass took two steps hesitated , then grabbed a little boy who was hiding behind another boy by the hand picked him up and ran away. His brother said Misty, he has caught me with a couple boys before. I held my head I hurt crashing in to the older teenager. Three boy helped me back to the blanket . I now had a big lump and it hurt. One boy investigated and said it didn’t blead you will be fine, and kissed my head. I had resolved in my head I was giving in and was actually looking at the boys penis who had kissed my head. He was half limp as he stood by me and came to full hard as I looked at him. It’s amazing and he told me you can touch it . I’ve never touched a boy I said . So I put my hand under his little balls and slid my finger over his shaft and then grabbed his penis he held his breath till I let go. The other boys lined up and I was suprised at the variety of penis looks, twist, and angle of erections. Jimmy and another boy weren’t circumcised and Jimmy couldn’t pull his foreskin back to see his penis head. It fucks just fine said Jimmy defending him self. Right Misty? All three and a half inches said Misty but I think he would like it better if he could pull it back cause the smooth head is sensitive. Misty was masturbating and one boy grabbed her tight said he can’t hold it any more. Missy was on her back and he was in quickly and I watched the young couple make love before my eyes. They were so young and it was beautiful. Another boy watching said I’m cumming so I watched the thin sperm free semen drip off the boys penis. Now that I’m older and experienced I know a 16 year old has a full table spoon of cum all eleven of these boys together might equal that. Back to the story.
I have my favorites said Misty but you got to pick one. I chose a 5th grader named Charlie. He had a crew cut and was so innocent looking.
Good choice said Misty he is very gentle . Does he talk ? Yea some Charlie answered. Charlie had a penis that twisted and his penis head turned purple as he stiffened. I stood to my feet grabbed both his hands and we smiled at each other and I giggled and so did everyone else. Will you take my virginity Charlie? It was a moment before he answered then he said yes ! I hugged him his head was between my chest lower than my chin. Shh I want to hear it pop said Jimmy . I lay down and every one was watching as Charlie started foreplay. How many times Mr. Charlie I asked ? Well Misty since the Christmas party once a week for sure and my older sister once. This 7 th grader named patty 6 times in one day . That’s all, maybe 30 times. Well this will be 31 and I’m a virgin. Charlie pulled my inner folds open with both hands exposing my maden head for all to see . I never saw it my self I confess. In a minute she will look like Misty said Charlie. Charlie rubbed his penis up and down and pushed Ina couple inches and backed out. Ok that hurt a little I said. He repositioned and nodded and pop he was in his full 4 inches and he wiped my tears . You were easy . I’m good go slow and we fucked for 20 minutes. Come on said some of the boys we want a turn before dark. Charlie finally came and pulled out and admired the new hole between my legs. Jimmy was next he was fast and fine. I had 8 love sessions before Mom pulled in the drive. Everyone ran and I pretended to still be sunbathing on the blanket. Who were those kids. She saw the blood and slapped me . That was my first time. Misty and I despite the age difference stayed friends till I was 30 . One day that summer at her house I had 12 lovers some of them loved me twice and three made love three times . It was like thirty sex sessions. I had great orgasms and wanted to go for the record. I never used condoms or protection and didn’t get pregnant till I was 36 years old.

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