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little innocent boy

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was about 14 year old and alway curios about sex. My parent were very strick up bring catholics. I remember I could watch duk hazard. becau dasey was show to much. I alway sneek in my older bother room and look at his nuke magzs. I was always curious about older women. I like older women becuz their know what do in bed. to make story short.
summer 85 about that time I had a babysitter 19 of age that was single at the time that just got separated 1year married. My parents felt sorry for her for her husband cheat on her and ask if she want to live with us. She was a live in babysitter. she always took baths for me and wash my priviate parts throughly. I was always fantacy about when reading my older bother nude magzs.

One summer weekend made fanacy come true. My folks had vaction plan only them to get away. My brother when out of state for college. of course I was alone home with babysitter. She was very nice. she always took care me. I really got along with her. she always leave my stay up later.that summer after she got home from grocier store. She mention she got some movie to watch. but i didn’t know it was porno movies. I didn’t know what to think. may be she got for self. she stick a tape in and a sex scene came on I never so a porno movie parent would kill me. I was shock that this beautiful babysitter is watch porno movie with while my folks are out town. I start to get a boner. she sat close to me and I didn’t what was going to happen. I was really scared. I didn’t what to do. but conscienly I grab her boobs. I stared suck on her nipple. and she ask me if i could do it on pussy. I never lick a pussy. It was wet and white stuff was come out of it. I lick her clit and she started to yellow loud moan. boy my stomach was turning with excitment. she started suck on my dick and ask me to do 69 with her. we ate each out for 1 hr/half. I like make her feel good. she suck my dick dry. I was so ready to move on to the next. she took my cock and stick it into her pussy. It felt warm and a great feeling. she said fuck me. She point at screen and said do it like what the guy doing in the movie. Boy I started to get rythm going. her pussy felt so good. I felt a pissy like action inside her pussy. she yelled oh that felt good. we stop. she said i hope you didn’t get me preg. then she started to suck on my dick again. I started to get big again. she want to fuck again. I guess we fuck until we felt asleep. next morning she wake me up with blow job. well to make long story short I been very close to my babysitter for long time. I enjoy fuck her everyday. the story ends with happy ending…. first love…and last..

my first pussy was great and still great.

remember my first was great…

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