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little boy

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: aunt's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My first time was after school at my aunt’s house where I had a regular babysitting job looking after my younger cousin, Curtis, who was eight at the time.
We were snooping around the house one day and we came across some porn mags. Real hard core stuff. We started looking at them, and Curtis asked if I had ever done any of it. I said I had sucked penises before, but that I had never had one inside of me. Curtis asked if I liked the taste of the milky stuff that came out of the men’s penises. I told him I did, and that I always swallowed. He then asked me if I could keep a secret. I said yes, and he told me that sometimes he rubbed himself so that he could taste his own cum. He said that it tastd really good, and that I should try some of his. I told him that I’d love to, but he couldn’t tell anyone. He said he wouldn’t because he really wanted me to suck him. So Curtis got totally undressed and masturbated until he was nice and hard. He was only eight but his nice young, juicy dick already measured six and a half inches–and it was really thick. Once he had himself nice and hard, I went down on him. It took me about five minutes to get him to cum. He tasted so sweet and I swallowed all he had to give me. He said he wanted more, so I gave him a hand job to get him hard again and then I went back down on him. We did this about seven times that day, and each and every time I swallowed and licked him clean. We finished just before his mom got home and he said good-bye to me by slipping he little wet tongue into my mouth and saying that he couldn’t wait until the next day.
The next day we were looking at the magazines again, and Curtis said that he wanted to see my pussy. I was really hot so I said yes. I got undressed and he fingered me for about 20 minutes. I came four times. He asked me if my juices tasted as good as his. I said yes, because when I masturbated i always tasted my fingers after.
Curtis then said that I had made him happy yesterday, so today he wanted to tasted my juice. He didn’t hesitate. His lips went straight for my clitoris and stayed there. I came right away so he ahd to work me up again. That day was heaven.
The next day started out with the magazines again. But this time Curtis said that he wanted to put his juice inside of me. I said that he really couldn’t tell anyone if we did it. He said he wouldn’t–he just wanted it all day so bad that he had gotten hard at school and had to go to the bathroom so he could cum. I said yes, and gave him a hand job to get him started. He then took his fingers and opened up my lips to find the hole. I was so wet at this point that there was a big spot on the couch. He slid himself in me and came in about one minute. I used my had to get him hard again, and this time he rode me for 15 minutes before we both came at the same time. Curtis and I fucked afterschool for over two years. We would buy all sorts of magazines because he liked to try new postions. The last time we did it was about two months ago. I was nineteen and he was fourteen. His dick has gotten larger over the years but he still knows how to use it. Our favorite place to fuck is still on the couch at his mother’s house. She did eventually find out about us, and towards the end of our two years of fucking she wanted to join in. We both agreed and we had some of the wildest threesomes I have ever been in. To this day whenever the family gets together, I get wet as soon as I see Curtis and his mother.

I hope everyone liked my story. It has made me really horny writing it. I think I’m going to call Curtis so I can feel his tongue, fingers and dick in me again.

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