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Kissing cousins

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Columbus
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

One Christmas season our family decided to renew a tradition and head off to my relative’s house in Columbus for a long holiday visit. It had been five years since my Dad visited hiscousin. Our family included me, age 15, and my sister, age 9. The cousins had a 15 year old daughter and a 21 year old daughter who had an 18-month-old baby. Actually all us kids were 2nd cousins twice removed, or third cousins, or something like that, we weren’t
really sure. But after five years of not seeing them at all, they were pretty much like strangers.

The last time we had visited, their younger daughter, who is my age, gave me a hard time. She was bigger than I was and could bully me around. I was curious to see how things
would be now. We arrived and were welcomed into the house. Cousin Bob and his wife looked the same as I remember them. Their daughter Catherine looked older and had a baby. Her husband was in the military. The cousin my age, Samantha, was out shopping with friends and wasn’t home.

A couple of hours later there was a lot of noise at the back door and I got up to see what it was. As I opened the door a girl’s voice said, “here, take some of these” and my arms were suddenly piled with bags and boxes. I looked under the last bag and there was this very cute, very blond cousin who used to twist my arm when I was 10. “Sam, is that you?” I asked.

“Bobby, I can’t believe it’s you.. gosh you’re so…so…different”. I told her that fiveyears can make a difference. She dropped her shopping bags and gave me a big hug, and I hugged her back. She was gorgeous with short cut blond hair, deep blue eyes, beautifulskin and a flush on her cheeks from the cold. She was kind of on the short side at about 5 foot 3 inches. I sized her up better as she threw off her bulky coat to reveal a very sexy
figure in a tight-fitting jump suit. She came back over and, hugged my arm, and took me into the family room and we sat on a love seat and talked.

We caught each other up on our teenage lives, interests, and achievements. As we talked I felt very attracted to her. I didn’t know if it was family closeness or teenage lust. It kind of felt both ways. Her bubbly personality and charm made me smile and feel terrific. I felt
like she had suddenly become my best friend. I asked her if she remembered knocking me around five years before. Blushing, she admitted that she used to be a bully because she was bigger than most the other kids. She joshed that “I promise I won’t hurt you this time, I don’t think I could”. She felt my upper arm, which I flexed as she did and touched my shoulder.

I had been bullied by more than my blond cousin. When I was starting my teenage years I was among the shortest and skinniest kids in my class. The teasing, ridicule, bullying, and twisted arms were nothing compared to the humiliation I felt as the other guys blossomed with broad shoulders, big muscles, grew taller, and attracted all the girls. It was a terrible period of my life.

Finally the summer after 8th grade when I was 14, I started to catch up, first in height, then in weight. As my freshman year ended I was four inches taller and had finally
outgrown my sixth grade clothes. But at 5 foot, 9 and 119 pounds, I was still the skinny runt and girls weren’t much interested and I had little self-confidence to even try.

My friend, also an outcast due to his size (too fat), talked me into joining a workout center where he was sure he could lose weight and I could bulk up. He started to starve himself and I started eating six meals a day. We worked out on the machines all through the summer. While my friend managed to lose about ten pounds, in three months I’d gained about 20 pounds of muscle. As school started I was 5 foot ten, 140 pounds, and looked pretty good. Guys in gym class couldn’t believe it was me. I kept working on the weights and by the time of my Christmas visit to the cousins in Columbus I had added another inch of height and another 10 pounds. It’s no wonder my arms and shoulders impressed Sam, and I was thrilled by her reaction to touching me.

That was, in fact, about the most intimate any girl had ever been with me. I’d never had a date in the usual sense of the word, had never kissed a girl and had only dreamed about sex. Jerking off to my fantasies and Playboy was the extent of my sex life. Suddenly, Sam started ideas racing in my head and the result was some unthinkable (for me at the time)thoughts…and a growing sensation in my boxers that things were up.

The adults came and we all talked. They asked Sam if she’d beaten me up yet and I winced at that memory. Her parents remarked on how much I’d grown, was so good looking, and did I have a girlfriend? “Oh heck no, my Dad cracked, he’d faint dead away if a girl even talked to him”…and they all laughed. Samantha glanced at me and must have
seen the look of humiliation on my face. With that they went to change clothes so they could go out to dinner and shopping at the mall.

Alone with Sam, she said she was sorry about what they said. I told her it was OK, that I was used to it. Sam said she could sympathize with me. It seems that the reason she was mean as a little kid, and could physically dominate others, was her size…she was a fat kid.
She also endured teasing and ridicule until just recently when she finally grew out of it..not losing any weight, just growing taller and redistributing it over her body. She held myhand as she told me about this and I squeezed her hand back.

“I think you’re beautiful” was all I could say. She looked at me for a few seconds, then pulled my head to her and gave me a kiss.. first kiss. My cock, gone back into hiding from the parental humiliation, reasserted its 12 o’clock high position. I remember wondering if this would be the reaction every time a girl was nice to me…but I guess that’s the whole point when you’re a horny teenager and have only just been kissed. “I’m glad you’re here, it’s going to be a really nice Christmas.”

I’ll tell you, I was in love.

Sam had already agreed to baby-sit her older sister’s kid while the rest of us went out to dinner. Finding out that Sam was staying at home, I said I’d rather stay home and watch TV than go out into the craziness of suburban Columbus a few days before Christmas. “Suit yourself” they said and by 5:00 p.m. they were gone, not to return before 10 p.m. at the earliest.

Sam and I ordered pizza and kept on talking like old friends. I asked her if she didn’t have a date or a boyfriend or something. No steady boyfriend she said, just a lot of boys who were friends but she didn’t want to get serious with anybody. She asked about me and I just reminded her of my father’s “joke” earlier and admitted it was pretty much true. Being into true confessions, I told her that the kiss we had earlier was the first kiss I’d had from a girl anywhere close to my age. She said, “Well I’m honored to be the first.”

After the pizza she put her sister’s baby to bed and we went to the TV room to watch a movie. I sat at one end of the sofa and she at the other. After running up to check on the baby, Sam came back down. She’d changed from her jumpsuit into a tight armless t-shirt and long, baggy flannel pants. With her short hair, long neck, and willowy arms, she looked beautiful. I also noticed that she had terrific breasts, obviously no bra…and she sat
beside me now, leaning against me, with her legs curled to the side. Oh, she smelled terrific and once again old Harry reasserted his place in my pants.

Sam and I sat closely like that for a while, my mind not on the movie, but on the wonderful closeness of Sam, her tantalizing body just inches from me, and wondering it I’d
be struck by lightening if I touched my own cousin. While I pondered this, Sam answered the question for me by lying down with her head in my lap. Actually she was on my thigh,
otherwise she would have been bonked on the noggin my by raging boner. This lasted a short time until she asked if I’d like to lie down too.

Heck, I would have agreed to hang upside down from the ceiling if she’d suggested it. Sam popped up and I stretched out on the sofa and she spooned up against me, her head under my chin and legs intertwined with mine. Now she had to be feeling the bulge pushing hard in my pants right against her beautiful ass. My arm draped down across her and I pulled her in tight to my chest. “Ohhh, this is nice” she whispered. “Verrrry nice,” I agreed and she gave her ass a subtle wiggle against my cock as if to acknowledge that she was aware of my excitement and pleasure.

If I’d died right there I would have gone a happy boy. But death didn’t seem imminent so I boldly went where this boy had never gone before. I stroked the side of her body, from
her waist, down over her hip and over her muscular thigh, gently squeezing and returning to her head where I stroked her neck, tickled her ear, and brushed the cheek of her face. Her eyes were closed and the rolled slightly toward me, so that she was pretty much on her back still pushed tight against me.

Falling immediately to hand was her chest and breasts, rising and falling quickly with her rapid breathing. I gazed at her face and starting giving her little kisses on her cheek, nose, and lips. At the same time my left hand explored the peaks and valleys of her breasts moving slowly across the tight t-shirt, gently squeezing and teasing the nipples. Sam began kissing me back and her tongue brushed across my lips and teeth. I returned the
attention with my tongue, deeper into her mouth.

Now my hand discovered the gap between the top of her flannel pants and the t-shirt top where the tight skin of her stomach was bare. From that entry point I achieved my second first for the day and touched the breast of a woman. It as breathtaking and from Sam’s reaction, just as exciting or her. “Oh Bobby, nobody’s ever done this to me before”, she moaned. Turning her body so it now faced me on the sofa, we kissed long and deep, pulling together as tight as possible. Her hands were moving along my body, across my thighs, behind to my ass, and finally around to the front where she traced the outline of my throbbing prick. “Sam, I love you as my cousin, and I love you as a person, and I want to make love to you. Is that wrong?”

“Bobby, I love you too, and if that’s wrong, then I’m wrong as well…lets go up to my room”. With that Sam and I broke the clench on the sofa, and we nearly raced upstairs.
Her room was very feminine with a canopy bed, ballet posters, and such stuff. “Are you into dancing?” I asked her. She said she’d taken dance for a number of years to help her lose her babyfat and it helped her in cheerleading (my gosh, I’m going to screw a cheerleader!!). It also explained her well developed legs and ass.

I reminded Sam that I was completely inexperienced at this. She admitted that she was a virgin as well. We were both a little shy at this point and she turned out the lights and came back to me and we fell on her bed. I pulled her over on top of me and that caused my cock to push directly onto her pussy. She started her to grind her ass into me and pull hard at my shirt. I slid my hands up both sides of her t-shirt and as she rose up, pulled it
up and over her head. We were in total darkness so I suggested that we turn on the lamp on her desk so that i could see her. I sat on the edge of the bed and as she returned she walked to me and pulled my head against her chest. I nuzzled her warm breasts, kissed and licked her nipples and massaged her ass through the flannels. Realizing that she had nothing underneath the flannel I pulled down on the elastic band and slowly revealed her
beautiful hips and finally her pussy, topped by a small mound of pale brown hair. Standing completely naked in front of me, she was perfect.

Sam reached down and pealed my shirt up and over my head and flung it aside. She indulged herself in stroking and squeezing my biceps and shoulders. I lay back on the bed
and Sam kneeled and quickly unbuckled the belt of my jeans, opened the button and zipper. I stood back up and the jeans dropped to the floor and I kicked them off. Sam
moved close to kiss and lick my chest and gave particular attention to my nipples. Her warm tongue on my erect nips drove me crazy and I started pushing down my boxers.
Same knelt down and finished the job for me, pulled out the band to get it past my cock and placed her face against my left hip. I could feel her breath on my cock and balls as she said, “Bobby, I had no idea it would be so big, it’s wonderful.”

Sam stroked my leg from my knees up the thighs and massaged both ass cheeks. Her attention then moved to center stage and at long last my third first of the day was achieved, a woman held my fully erect cock in her hands and kissed it. That warm tongue slowly moved up the shaft and circled around the bulging head, made tighter my her squeeze.

We slumped onto her bed and embraced, feeling love, lust, and total excitement. Stroking her body and feeling her hands on me was the best. Wanting to play with her breasts and feel her body against mine, I pulled her on top of me, her back against my chest, her head against mine, and my cock sticking up between her legs resting against the wet lips of her pussy. This was my fourth first of the day as my hands roamed down across her firm tits and nipples, stoked her stomach and hips, and moved into position to massage her pussy, spreading the lips from each side and stroking the length of her slit. Sam really enjoyed
this treatment and arched her back up and down and repeatedly clenched her ass muscles as I fingered her clit. My hands and cock were drenched with her juices as she suddenly came with a gasping orgasm. The strength in her body was amazing and the rubbing of my cock against her orgasmic cunt caused my balls to give out with a fountain of cum which spurted all over her stomach. What a mess of stuff.

“Oh Bobby, that was awesome”, she said. “Sam, I want to make love to you, but I don’t want you to get pregnant.” Obviously with my track record I don’t walk around with
condoms in my wallet, but she assured me that she was only a day or two away from her period and was sure she was safe. While caution should have still been taken, we were
both lost in our lust and love and went ahead with the fifth first for me that day.

In the traditional missionary position, I kissed her deeply and looked down between her breasts to see my cock, erect and again ready or action, bouncing eagerly over her soaking
pussy lips. “Sam, put me in, I don’t want to hurt you”. Smearing cum and pussy juice up and down the shaft of my cock to get it ready she almost got me off again right there. Feeling the hot opening of her vagina starting to spread slightly, I applied a slow pressure and moved the head of my cock in. Her face showed utter amazement as she pulled against my ass, urging me in deeper.

I quickly pressed up against her cherry, which despite the dance and cheerleading was still intact. She gave a slight whimper and bit her lip as I pushed against the obstacle. While I hesitated, she pressed harder on my ass and I have a shove and was suddenly in to the hilt. Sam gasped and then sniffed a little, a tear ran out of the corner of her eye. It had to have hurt her but she smiled and said, “Bobby, I always knew I would do this only with somebody I love, and I have, I love you.”

If I hadn’t been buried balls deep in the hot cunt of a blond babe, I probably would have said, “You’re welcome”. Instead I started humping and thumping and Sam moved her hips so that my cock, bigger and harder that I ever felt it before, moved out to the purple head and back in so my balls banged against her ass. Sam’s second orgasm surpassed the first for intensity. Her pussy tightened on my cock and the thrusting stopped. The hot massage of my virgin cock was the final touch to my own explosion. As my cum pumped into her Sam moved her hips so that her pussy slid up and down on my shaft, tightening as she moved down as if milking it for every last drop.

We pulled the comforter up over us and clung together for a long time, nibbling on each other’s face and enjoying the moment. Realizing it was after 9:00 p.m. I suggested that we get cleaned up, and return to the TV before everybody got home. Sam had her own bathroom and she invited me to go first while she checked on the baby asleep down the
hall. A few minutes later, the shower curtain opened and in climbed Sam. We washed each other, concentrating on cock and balls, pussy and breasts. The hot soapy water was
stimulating as we rubbed against each other. Hopping out of the shower we ran naked and dripping wet back into her bedroom where I grabbed her from behind and began the
massage of her breasts and nipples.

My cock was hard again and I led her back to the bed. Lying face down on the bed, her beautiful ass was too tempting to resist, especially with the still swollen pussy peaking out from between her ass cheeks. I guided her up onto her knees and pushed my dick through from behind. Sam put her hands down on the bed and spread her legs to give me full access. Her fresh washed pussy looked so good from behind that I had to taste it, and moved in for my sixth first of the day, eating out a no-longer-virgin pussy Never was there a sweeter or finer one. After several minutes of my tongue her juices were running across my face and down her inner thighs.

I came back up and thrust my cock in from behind, right into her hot pussy which welcomed me back like a long lost friend…or cousin. This rear approach gave me easy
access to her breasts, hanging down from her chest and filling my hands to overflowing as I again filled her pussy with my cum. As I did, she rose up and massaged my balls hanging under her pussy and I returned the massage to her clit as my cock went limp and slid out. Sam had her third orgasm of the evening and we fell exhausted on the bed.

Now, we knew we had to get moving . Quick showers again, strip the cum soaked bed, open the windows to vent the fragrance of sex, and back down stairs to the TV. We sat in
separate chairs and both enjoyed the feeling of total satisfaction, total love, and total fulfillment I looked across at her and marveled in her beauty and the fact that she’d given herself totally to me in body, mind and spirit.

Within the hour the parents and others had returned. Sam and I said little to anybody the rest of the evening and went to bed without touching or saying other than goodnight.

The balance of our three days in Columbus was excellent. Sam and I found a way to make love each of those days, including Christmas Day. Our feeling for each other deepened each day and just watching her and talking with her was nearly as good as pushing my cock into her pussy. I left with my parents and the promise to Sam that we would remain in touch and in love.

During the drive home and several days afterward, my mother sensed that her son was different and asked me what had happened. I felt so completely happy about it I told her
that Sam and I had fallen in love. At first she was sure it would immediately fade over time, but I was good to my word to Sam, and she was good to me. I talked my parents
into letting me drive to Columbus soon after I got my license. Our parents didn’t have a problem with cousins (second, third, twice removed, or whatever) being in love with each other. Eventually love prevailed and three years later Sam and I got married when we were freshmen at Ohio State. I love her more today than ever.

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