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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: On an island
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

It was the summer of my fourteenth year. I rarely saw my father who was either at work or in a meeting. But I was cloe to my mother an this year she decided to rent a cottage on one of the Thousand Islands. It was small but came with an old motor boat and a ten horse kicker. To me it was like a cadillac! I began exploring other islands and having a good time in general. Sometime in the second week I found this box of dirty bools and magizines which I hid under the back seat of the boat. By then I had found a small island that no one seemed to ever visit. I named it and went there every day. Of course I read the dirty books and as my courage mounted, removed my bathing suit and played with myself while reading the forbidden literature. It was August and the weather was warm. After making myself come a few times I would take a swim.

Over time I became more bold. Since no one could see me I would lay in the sun reading and rereading the books and making myself feel good. So it was that I was unaware of a canoe that had found my island. A girl whom I later learned was Kim had pulled her canoe ashore knowing someone was on the island for she had seen my boat. Unbeknownst to me she had observed me doing what boys that age do. She made her presence known only after trapping me on her vidio camera. The following day she confronted me. I was paralyzed with a mixture of modesty and that a pretty girl had been watching me. She quickly told me she had been watching for several days and that she thought what I was doing was cute. Then she dropped the bomb! She knew where our cottage was and if I didn’t do what she wanted she would give the tapes to my mother. I was between a rock and a hard place. But the lesser of the evils seemed to be to do what she wanted me to.

She made me jack off twice with her watching. For several days that was all she demanded. She remained in her bikini. But each day it became more intimate. I dared not refuse her anything she asked of me. And I was becoming accustomed to her seeing me come. She even began teasing herself through her bikini. Then one day she had me put myself in her. It was the greatest feeling I ever had. It took only minutes for me to learn how to do it We came simultaneously. The rest of the summer was all too short. My islaand became her’s as well. We spent countless hours naked in each other’s arms. Then the summer ended and I never saw her again.

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