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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Florida
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

When I was 16 years old I spent a summer with my aunt in South Florida. I soon made some good friends in the area and began to hang out with them. My aunt was often out of town for her business for several nights at a time and during one of those nights away I attended a concert with a group of my friends. Well needless to say we were drinking some very well spiked punch all night long and when the concert was over my girlfriend and I decided to go to a local beach party. We were already very drunk by the time we got there and soon after arriving I noticed that my friend had taken an interest in a very sexy guy and had left me to fend for myself. After about an hour or so two guys that I had never met before noticed that I was really drunk and asked if I needed help. They offered to walk me home and since my girlfriend had already left me decided I had better take them up on their offer. Well as you can imagine as we walked both guys taking advantage of my state. As drunk as I was I still managed to tell them that I was a virgin and intended to stay that. Well when we arrived at my Aunt house I made the mistake of letting them in for one drink. As I sat down on the couch they sat on each side of me and began to rub and kiss me. Well I have to admit that it was nice all the intention and I let it continue and before I realized it I was naked as were they. I can still recall the moment that the first one of them place his penis against my vagina. I wanted to say no but the passion of the moment and the alcohol prevented me. They were both gentle with me as both of them had sex with me several times that night before tucking me in bed and leaving. I can tell you that when I awoke in the morning I was very sore and very hung over. I was a bit ashamed at first that I lost my virginity in such a matter but as years passed I looked back and realized that not only did I enjoy it then the thought of it to this day makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

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