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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: her bathroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I had been dreaming about Katie since I was a freshman. She has
black hair, she is about 5’9″ and she as the
tightest ass, and most firm breasts you’ve ever seen.
I had jacked off, wet dreamed, and even played with myself
during class because of her. I had to have her.
We were pretty good friends but she had no idea
or at least I thought she had no idea that I wanted her.
One day she was havin a party before graduation
of my senior year and she asked me to come early
and help her set things up. I had to come from basketball
and I told her I would need to shower first.
She started the water for me while I got a towel from
my car. When I got back the water was on and I could see
the steam coming from the shower. When I stepped into the
bathroom , there was Katie. She was wearing black panties and
a black bra and my dick shot up in an instant.
My my she said as she approached me. I have
seen you watching me and playing with yourself.
tonight is your fantasy come true. At that my dick shot up
even higher and it surprised her. It couldn’t be hidden
through the towel. She slowly took down her hair and pulled her bra
off exposing her firm breasts and at that I got so excited
that I dropped the towel. She then grabbed my hands and
put them on her tits and I rubbed them until they were fully erect
and then I started to suck them . It was the greatest feeling ever.
I put my other hand down her panties and felt
her hot, wet pussy. That is when I lost control.
She started moaning and telling me to get inside of her.
I just stood there not knowing what to do. She pushed
me down on the ground with me dick sticking straight up in
the air. She then lowered her pussy right down
on top and started riding me. Oh yeah yes yes she screamed.
I started to cum at the same time as her and she
I tried to pull away but she wrapped her legs around
me and wouldn’t let me go. We both started shaking
and a feeling of pleasure that I never knew rushed
through me. I thought we were thru so I started
to clean up but she said no. Now it is my turn
We got in the shower and she immediately
started to suck my cock. She swallowed the whole
thing and started to rub my balls. After teasing me
awhile and me not thinkning she was going to do
any thing I started to rub and squeeze that tight
ass of hers. That must have excited her because
she started sucking harder and harder until I came
and she swallowed every bit. We showered up
just in time for the guests to arrive. Needless to say
I had my fun for the night.

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