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Where it happened: hotel room
Langauge: English
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I had liked this lad for ages, I could never keep my eyes off him, everything he did sent me into shivers – and it still does to this very day, he was my god! I worshiped the ground he walked on. I was officially in love. Though certain circumstances prevented us doing nething- though in the end this never did stop us.
My cousin works at the same place as him, son I went to the work ball that they had two Christmases ago. I walked in being told I told stunning and mch older then I was full of confidence. At the meal I was sitting rite at the other end of the room, I was gutted, I kept looking over at him, he was doing the same back to me, I had huge butterfies fluttering inside me – love was bursting out all corners of me.
We had both had a bit to drink and the office had rented out a room which I knew Peter was in. I casually walked up the stair, looking for the ‘toilets’ when I bumped in to Peter. After talking for a while, we went in to the room.
We sat on the bed for a while and decused our relationship, he said he really liked me, and he knew I had had the hots for him ever since I saw him – I could feel the atmosphere – we both wanted something but if anyone found out we would be in dep shit.
He pulled me onto him and layed on the bed, started to breth heavily, I was getting scared- was I ready for this??? Though I let him carry on thinking I would be okay – and I was, I loved it, I loved him most of all and In would do anything for him. He was much more experienced than me, being 18 so he guided me through everything,
he was so paissonate, and gentle.
he got me hooked, we just screwed the night waya with no care in the world………..

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