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Just the way mother showed me

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Kenny's Tent
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

On the night in question, I was in bed when I heard my father come in through the door. He had been away on the National Guard summer exercises.

I jumped out of bed and started for the stairway to greet him. I saw him picking up my mother and hugging her. I stopped to watch from the top of the stairs.

Mom said she wanted to show him how glad she was to see him. She got down on her knees and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was the first real cock I had ever seen [outside of the magazines hidden in his bureau]. It looked real big.

Then Mom began to lick it – around and around ; as Dad dropped his pants to the floor. Then Mom licked and sucked his balls. God ! I thought it was gross !!! But I couldn’t tear myself away.

Mom then took his now hard cock into her mouth and began to suck on it. Dad moaned and grabbed her head and began to fuck her face hard. Mon pushed her shorts and panties down and began to finger herself rapidly. The longer I watched; the more I got excited and the wetter I got. I stuck my hand down the front of my pajama bottoms and began to rub my pussy too.

Finally Daddy yelled and I saw him jerk all over and he filled Mom’s mouth with his cum. I saw it running out the sides of her mouth. She licked her lips and smiled. She said it was now time for him to feast on her cunt. They started for their bedroom. I scooted back to my room so I wouldn’t get caught.

Boy!! Was I ever horny !!

I thought about my friend Kenny with whom I had talked about sex. We had never done anything because we both were scared. He was fifteen.

I knew he was sleeping in his tent behind his house. So when I thought it was safe I tip-toed out of our house and ran across the couple of lots to his tent. I unzipped the tent just enough to get in and zipped it back up. He was asleep – naked and on the sheet covering the mattress.

I stripped off my PJs and laid down beside him. He woke up and just stared at my body without saying a word. I took his limp prick in my hand and began to massage it. I felt it beginning to get hard. Kenny moaned a little. I scooted down and began to lick that wonderful organ and wash his balls with my hot tongue; Up and down; around under the head; just like Mom had done to Dad. I slowly lowered my mouth over his cock. He moaned again. I felt his cock swell in my mouth. Then I started to bob up and down; loving the feeling of having it in my mouth. I sensed he was near because he tried to take his cock out of my mouth, but I would not let him loose.

His hot cum hit the back of my throat and I damn near choked but managed to swallow the most of it. All of this time I was fingerfucking myself and I shuddered and shook all over as I had a fantastic climax.

We never did fuck each other because I was still a little scared and Kenny wouldn’t go down on me. But I gave him a blowjob almost every day or night.

The first time a guy [Ralph] told me that he wanted to eat my cunt I gave Kenny up. Ralph drove me crazy with his magic tongue. I was so fucking hot I begged him to fuck me. He did.

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