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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

the first time we did it was in my bed while my parents were out at a new years eve party. john came over shortly after they left leaving us alone in the house. we shared a few glasses of wine before going into my bedroom. we had done a lot of heavy petting up till that point but the furthest we had gone was him getting a so-so hand job, he didnt cum. it was so romantic, i lit candles before we layed down on the bed the wine was taking it’s effect on us both. slowing we stripped each other of outer clothing kissing constantly. when i peeled down his underwear i could not beleive how hard a boys dick could get. he enjoyed my handjob and i got the nerve to kiss the head of it. He reached into his pants on the floor pulling out a condom. I wanted him inside my virgin hole. i rolled the condem on teasing him as i did it. he pulled off my panties as he pushed me onto my back. it was pure joy as his cock worked it’s way into my hole. slowly he pumped that dick in and out over and over again, as he slid it in he would put pressure on my clit till i stated to cum, as i relaxed from the orgasm he was about to send his cum out of it’s hiding place. quicker he went till he moaned pushing harder and harder with a final push buried all the way into me he started to cum. we layed there, him on top of me, both of us spent from our love making when we both noticed something wrong, i was too wet. the condom had broken spilling out it’s contents into my pussy. we didnt worry because we knew we were in love. after a while he got hard again and we made even better love.

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