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Julie’s Slumber Party

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My Friend's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

It all Started when I was invited to a slumber party. It was
a narmal slumber party until we started feeling eachother
up, ther were for of us and Julie’s parent’s weren’t home.
We talked about the usual at first guys and stuff like that,
and we were braiding eachother’s hair, and Sandra reached
down and kissed me, she was about 16 and I was 14, I was
embarrassed but I kinda like it and got really wet. I
couldn’t resist so I kissed her back. I was the youngest one
there. And Sandra was the oldest. I saw the other girls
blushing and stairing. And then all of a sudden Sandra just
reached up my skirt started fingering me, I was surprised
and started blushing, but it felt really good and only hurt
a little. I started to moan and I came soon afterwards. Then
Sandra went down and started liking me and eating me out I
couldn’t stand it anymore I took off my shirt and bra and
started moaning loudly. I saw that Julie was playing with
herself, that turned me on and I came again. Then Julie
started to moan, and took off her clothes. I couldn’t
beleive what was happening. Sandra soon got naked. And so
did the other girls except for one she was really shy, and
very embarrassed. I went up to her and asked what was wrong
and she said she was a virgin and scared. I told her that I
was one too. And then I started to take off her clothes and
she started to cry a little. I told her it was ok, and I
started to kiss her, she was still scared. So I started to
rub her the get her moist, and then she stopped crying and
she said she liked it. So I started to lick her and she
wrapped her thaighs around my head and started to really
moan and then she came, it taste really sweet. She asked me
if she could eat me out and I said yeah. It was great it
went on like that for a few hours. All of us are still
friends to this day and we still have slmber parties, but
it was never as good as the first time.

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