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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Jessica’s parents were away for the weekend, and since she had no brothers or sisters, we had her whole big house to ourselves. At first, we started watching a movie, “Austin Powers”, to be exact. We kind of started fooling around, kissing and all. Then, she took my hand and slid it down to her left breast and pressed it on there hard. She smiled at me and said, “Well, what do you think?” I said, “Sure” She left the room and came back in a nice nightgown. She slipped it over her shoulders and I saw her in her beautiful lingerie. SHe asked me if I had ever seen a girl naked. I confessed, no. She told me that she had never gotten naked in front of a guy, either. So it was working out for both of us. She took off the bra and exposed her large, gorgeus breasts. I grabbed then almost immediately and started fondling them. She moaned with pleasure as I sucked on her nipples. I took off my shirt and pants, with her help of course. She then took my hands and shoved them into her soaking wet panties. I instantly stuck two fingers inside her juicy pussy. She groaned and moaned. I fingered her until she asked me to stop. I did, and she backed up and slipped off her dripping wet panties. I took off my boxers, and I made a dive for her cunt. She grabbed my face and pushed against her snatch. I licked her clit and she really enjoyed that! She finally said that she’d had enough, she wanted the real thing! She’a a gymnast and a horseback rider, and apparently her cherry got popped one time when she was practicing for a competition, doing the splits, but she was still a virgin. She grabbed my rock hard dick and slid it into her opening. She got on top of me and started bouncing and rocking around. SHe said “Come on, fill me up with your cum! I want it inside of me!!!” I’m not one to deny a woman’s sexual impulses, so I kept pounding harder and deeper, with her begging for me to go faster. Finally, after about 10 minutes of her riding me, I finally exlopded inside of her magnificent pussy. She came soon thereafter, flailing around wildily. It was quite an expereince, and I can’t wait till her parent’s next vacation!!!

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