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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: His Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was just 15 an im glad i didnt wait any longer. I had been with my boyfriend for nearly 6 months – I was his longest standing girlfriend believe it or not. I turned 15 a month before his 16th birthday. He had been hinting for quite some time that i should sleep over at his house, but of course, I was only 14 at that point, and i wasnt nieve! I knew what he wanted, and he pointed out the obvious.
He had been telling me since we had been together for a month that his mum would love to meet me. He did actually tell me not to sit near him, otherwise he’d jump on me as soon as his mum went out of the room!
Anyway, in the end, he wore me down, and I still didnt have his present. I wanted to get him a new watch, but I didnt know what kind he wore, so I left it, and saw if he dropped hints. He did of course, but not as to what kind of watch he wanted!
I arranged to go to his house after we had been swimming, and my hair was still slightly damp. I remember him kissing my neck on the bus, and telling me my hair smelt really nice. Then he looked outta the window for the rest of the journey! Anyway, we got off at his stop, and half way walking down a back alley, he grabbed me and kissed me hard. And i actually had to slap his hands away, they were doing the craze of ‘wandering’. hhaahhaa
I got hold of his hand, and pulled him along and for the rest of the way back we didnt talk we just cuddled into each other looking at the birds sat on the trees.
We got to his house and his mum offered me a cup of tea, so i took one to stop my hands shaking – id never met his mum before! So she went out of the room, and his hand magically went from my thigh {luckily i was wearing jeans} to elsewhere!
Anyway, we were kissing when the door to the lounge creaked open, and we shot apart faster than a speeding bullet!
So anyway, the night went without a hitch. I got on really well with his sister, who was a little younger me, and her twin brother seemed to be showing a little more interest in me than i cared for!
They dont have a guest room, so I slept on the floor in his bedroom. Danny didnt have a problem getting undressed, and neither did I actually. I just pretended he wasnt there and I think he was too embarressed to look anyway!
He got into bed with his boxers on, and I got into bed and I remember i was wearing my custom made nightie, which basically has a picture of me on the front from when I was a baby, and I was wearing a thong underneath them.
I wanted to take it off, but I know he’d have probably died of embarressment if I did!
Anyway, his lil sister and her twin had gone to a sleepover that night, his dad was working a night shift, and his mum was buggered if she was going to leave us alone! We were normally progressing, hormone induced teenagers afterall… hhaahhaa
As luck would have it, the sleepover was miles away, and it took something like an hour and a quarter to get there and 45 minutes to get back…all thanks to one way streets of course!
Well, Kitty got sick during the night, and wanted to come home. She rung her mum and her mum basically shit herself. What was she going to do? Refuse to pick up her puking daughter because she felt she couldnt trust her son? The only other option open to her at this point, was to take us all with her. But she would have had a problem getting us all home, because Lawrence had a problem being without Kitty, i dunno, it was some twin thing I guess. So she couldnt fit us all in her car…it was a sports car, and we were not about to squash in the back for many hours.
Anyway, she came up to Danny to talk about it and woke him up.
I say woke up, except we werent asleep…he had been waving his boxers around because he’d taken them off, and was offering me a peek of ‘what was to cum’
Anyway, I was obviously still awake, and listening to their conversation. Dannys mum asked him to go with her, and he managed to think of the perfect excuse – was it right to leave a young women alone in their house, and plus, it wasnt right to leave their guest alone. Dannys mum agreed, and then wanted to ‘wake me up’, yet Danny stopped her just in time saying, Dont be rude mum, you cant drag her out. Look just trust us, we’ll be fine!
So anyway, his mum finally went half an hour later after getting dressed painstakingly slowly.
We waited ten minutes until after the door had slammed and the car gone, and spent the next ten minutes looking around his room.
After we were sure she was gone for definate, danny leant into his beside draw and pulled out a condom. I was all ‘Umm woh, slow down!’ I just wanted to tease him. But it was obviously I’d turned myself on more than I wanted too. He fiddled about for a bit under the covers, and amidst me giggling and him going “grrrr” I somehow made it to my feet. He turned to face the wall and beckoned me over, pulling the covers back so all i could see was his ass. Man it was so perfect! I slid into bed – i had taken off my panties ages ago – he turned over. I could feel his prick against me and we just hugged and kissed, and somehow i managed to end up underneath him and he was kneeling in between my legs leaning over me kissing me. Id also lost my nighty somewhere in the process, and he was being so gentle with my breasts, just massaging them. I was so wet and turned on, I was the one that pulled him in!
He pulled back at first, and asked me if I was sure, and we could wait if we wanted to, so i told him he could fuck waiting, i wanted sex!
It didnt hurt at all, because I think i broke my hymen through doing gymnastics when i was younger, and using tampons. He slid in so easily and it was just perfect. He wasnt massive and he wasnt small, he was just right. Anyway, I was overwhelmed with thoughts like ‘wow, im no longer a virgin’ and things like have i got the right guy, right timing?
Anyway, the pleasure of him inside me washed away all these thoughts, and it wasnt long before I came, and i was crying after he had come aswell. I was crying because I was thinking, what if it split, what if this, what if that. But he held me close and told me it was ok, and we fell asleep in the same bed, and his mum came in the next morning to see if we were OK.
I think she realised she should have just left Kitty puking in some strange womans bathroom, but she was happy it was with me, because she said the whole family seemed to click with me. She took us down for a talk, Kitty and Lawrence weren’t there, but his dad was, but they were so cool about the whole thing. We held hands all the way through the conversation, about whether we had used protection, and whether I wanted the morning afterpill just incase and stuff like love and relationships. I worried aswell, incase Danny bragged about me to his school friends, but apparantly he only told them recently how old he was when we first had sex! But I was so happy, his mum and dad weren’t embarressed about it, and so neither were we. His mum offered to tell my parents, and so I let her and my mum was really understanding. I guess i was incrediably to find a guy like my Danny. We split a few times, but inevitably it made us stronger and now we are getting married next June. I always said I wanted to sleep with loads of guys to find my guy, and now it seems like i found the perfect one straight away, and I love him so much. My best friend Joanna thought I was mad to sleep with him so young, its just lucky that I did, because he wanted me as his birthday present so bad. I was ok with it….I didnt have to buy him a new watch, or part with any money…..{smiles}

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