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Jess – First time having sex is with a guy

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My couch
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

This happend dureing the summer of 09. My friend tyler was over at my place for a week dureing the summer. I’ve had a crush on him for awhile now but was to scared to even tell him. we were sitting in my living room on the couch watching some t.v as there was not alot else to do at 10 pm. out of nowhere he said “so destiny told me your bi” and me, whos face probably went red i said “oh? when?” then he said “that doesn’t matter, have you ever tried anything with a guy?” i returned back with “no, i’ve wanted to for awhile but never have” prior to that he unzipped his pants and asked if i wanted to. I was really wanting to try it since i never had, i agreed to.
i got on the floor and kneeled infront of tyler as he sat on the couch. i unbuttond his pants and slid them off with his boxers. His dick wasen’t hard or soft it was kinda inbetween, i leaned forward and licked up his shaft onto his head. It tasted a little salty but other then that great. I decided after that to just go for it, i slid his dick into my mouth and began sucking it. My dick instantly got insanly hard but i ignored it and continued to suck him. i was swirling my tongue around the head, sucking really fast, i even choked on it a couple times (not purposly) i sucked tylers dick for about 10 miuntes until he cam, i keeped my mouth on his dick and let him cum in my mouth after i had swallowed it i asked him how i was and he said i was amazing. Now this time he asked if he could do me anal. I was kind of iffy about it at first. but agreed anyways. i stood up and took my clothes off. i looked down only to notice i was rock hard i ignored it tho and got on all fours on the couch. Tyler got behind me and slowly slid his dick into my ass. it hurt a little but other then that amazing. Tyler slowly pumped his dick in and out of my ass. It really did feel amazing so i couldn’t help but to moan. He continued to go slowly until i asked him to speed up and go harder. I thought i might regret it but i didn’t it felt even better. Tyler fucked my ass for awhile going really fast until he cam. i was even more turned on after getting cum in my ass. After he pulled his dick out of my ass i licked the cum off of it and layed down on my back on the couch. Tyler decided to lay down inbetween my legs. When i looked down at him he had taken my dick into his mouth and began to suck it. It felt good. His warm mouth on my dick. Tyler continued to suck my dick but then he decided to take it all in, and when he did i cam like crazy. Tyler cleaned up all the cum off of my dick and himself. now i had swallowed cum and got cum in my ass but still i wanted more. i asked tyler if he could fuck my ass again, he agreed. I didn’t need to get up again or anything, he held my legs up and slid his dick in my ass. This time he didn’t hesitate at all. he began to fuck my ass fast and really hard. this time it didn’t hurt at all. it was the best feeling i had ever had. Tho this time tyler decided to begin putting his whole dick in my ass and leaving it there. as i was about to say something to him he cam in my ass again and i could feel 7 large spurts of cum go off in my ass. tyler slowly took his dick out and sat down on the couch. but i still wasen’t done… i saw his dick and just had to suck it once more. So on all fours, leaned over a little and took his dick in my mouth. tylers dick was coverd in his cum and i cleaned it off while i sucked. I really felt like i couldn’t take my lips off of his dick. I sucked on his dick slowly, swirling my tongue around the head. I decided to try and take tylers entire dick in my mouth. I slide my mouth down on his dick even furthur and felt his head hit the back of my throat and then i choked, spitting up on his dick. I figured i would continue to do this. i choked on it almost everytime i took it deep but continued until he cam. i held my lips tightly around the head and sucked on the head as he cam in my mouth. i slowly took it all in again and pulled up keeping the cum in my mouth still. i swallowed it all and gave the head of his dick a couple kisses. After this we went up to my room and made out for abit before going to bed together.

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