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Jenni D.

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Girlfriends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was 16 years old and had been dating this girl named Jenni for a couple of months. She had the biggest set of tits I had ever seen. She said that she wanted to wait till she was married to have sex. Being the gentleman that I am I said lets get married. I was just kidding, but she felt pushed, slapped me and ran out of my house.
I knew that I had to go after her so I got in my father’s car and drove to her house. My mother and father had gone out and never knew I toke his car. She lived a couple miles away and when I got there I noticed her parents were not home. I pulled into the driveway and ran to the house. The door was looked but I knew were they hid the key. They had a birdhouse that her father had built. The birdhouse had a sliding door in the roof and that is were the key was hidden. I opened the door and ran up to her room. She was inside, and her door was locked. I yelled out I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it! Please open the door so I can talk to you. She opened the door and was standing there in a thin tight evening gown. I got a hard on and she noticed it. I said look if you want to wait that’s o.k. with me. Then she said maybe but I think you friend wants to fuck me now.
She looked down at the bulge in my pants and said wow I think thatÆs bigger than my brother’s. Her brother was away at college, but she had walked in on him in the shower once. She said I did want to wait but I know you care about me so I will let you in.
She dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants while I pulled my shirt off. Then she pulled my boxers down and saw my 9-inch long and 5 inch thick dick. She stuck it all in her mouth in about 45 seconds I filled her mouth with cum. I lifted her up onto the bed and undressed her. I quickly started to suck her hard tits and she moaned really load.
Just then we heard a noise. It was her brother he had come home to visit his girlfriend and stopped by to pick something up. We were really quiet and then there was a knock at the door. Jenni he called out are you in there. She did not answer she just said lay still and keep quiet. He then said Jenni I know youÆre in there. Come on open up she than said o.k. just a minute. She pushed me off the bed and I rolled under it to hide. Her brother was really buff and would have kicked the shit out of me.
He asked who’s car was in the driveway and she said that one of the neighbor had there drive way redone and needed to park it there till morning. He sat down on her bed and they started to talk. She asked him how his classes were going and how Amy was doing. Amy was his girlfriend. I could not take it I had to go piss and her brother was pushing the mattress down on me. He then got up and went back to his room.
I rolled out and said this is so embarrassing I need to go take a piss I’ll be right back. I was in the bathroom taking a whiz and the door opened it was her brother he stood there totally naked with a towel and shampoo in his hand. He had a long dick maybe not as big as mine but I got a hard on looking at it. He said its o.k. I don’t mind if you have sex with my sister. I then ask if it was o.k. for me to give him a blowjob. He said Amy had just given him one but said sure why not. Just then Jenni came in and saw me with her brother’s dick in my mouth she said stop it. Then said she wanted me to fuck her moist, wet pussy and her brother to get her up her ass. We were both shocked and both agreed quickly. We both shot our loads pretty quick and then Jon ran to get Amy on the phone. Amy came over really fast and then we had a foursome.
Jenni and I are getting married after graduation and I think that you should save yourself for someone really special. Jon and Amy brook up a couple of months after this happened but he got a new girlfriend Raquel they are now married and have a daughter named Kim. But as I look back on this I wish that I had waited I could have gotten her pregnant. Think god I didn’t!

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