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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: at a party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Ok, I never told anyone about this and nobody that I know even has a clue about it.
My Parents are both part of the government and are always travelling around. During the summer I’d go with them because they didn’t want me to be alone. We’d stay in hotels for close to a month sometimes while they worked in an area. One of these occasions I actually managed to meet some friends.
Now, I always expected my first time to be with someone I dated for a year at least. How little I knew….
I met up with them while I was shopping around town. A group of girls and guys around my age who lived near the hotel I was at. We met up and talked and they mentioned a big party the next night that was going to be the best one I’d ever seen. They told me where it was and what time to be there so I agreed and said I’d be there. The most amazing thing about this is that it was the same night my parents would be doing the night shift and working from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am. A Long conference or something. They didn’t even have to know!
At 7:20 they left and I got ready to go. I brought some stuff with me including afew half full whiskey’s of my dads. Not like he’d know. after all “Room service took them”.
I got to the place at about 8:15. A little early but who cares. I saw afew cars parked outside so I figured the party must be about to start. I went and knokced on the door. A really cute guy came to the door and invited me in as he eyed me over. I was pretty good looking back then I guess. For 14, my tits were huge. I mean, when i came in I saw at least afew grins as the guys eyed me. When I saw that I wondered how much of a party this was going to be. I hung around with a girl I met the day before and talked to her while she waited for her boyfriend to get here. She asked me if I’d brought anything so I gave her the drinks I had. She showed them to afew guys who were pleased to see them and added them to a small pile of them on a table near by. The party got into a full swing then (more like a mob if you ask me). I had afew drinks and they did a number on me. most of this story is what I’m pretty sure happened but you never know with the stuff I had.
At about 12:00 am some of the people started leaving saying they had to get home or their folks wouldkill them or whatever. Thats when I saw him. He was 15 and he was everything I wanted in a guy. Around 6’2, arms of steel and he was eyeing me too! I only caught brief glimpses of him for the next 1 hours but at about 1:00, alot of people were leaving. The people I knew were down to about 3 or 4 so I started talking with strangers. There were about 15 of us left so we were all sitting around talking and watching some late night TV. Of course one of the guys got a hold of the remote and switched to a really hot porno. I could feel my tits getting a bit hard and I could tell that the guys were getting a bit hard too.
I went upstaris to use the washroom then. That’s when the fun began. When I got out of the bathroom he was waiting at the door. He said hello to me and asked where i was from. He seemed interested in alittle more then what I was saying though. His eyes were examining m breasts longingly. It was almost anoying. Almost.
Then I got an idea. I noticed that at the end of the hall there was a bedroom door open. I asked him if he knew what was in there. He said no so we went to see. Then I pulled it on him. I closed the door behind us and started talking to him more. He was eyeing my breasts of course. So I finally said “You like them don’t you?” He sort of grinned and said “What?”.
I suddenly took of my shirt leaving me wearing only my bra on. “Like them better now?” I asked him. Looking at his pants sticking out was an answer on its own. I came closer to him then, and put his face down between them. He reached behind me and pulled off my bra. It fell to the floor leaving me topless. “Naughty, Naughty” I said as I undid his pants. He was dying for my breasts so i let him have them. He was good at it too. His mouth did some wonders on me for afew minutes until I finally got his pants off and his boxers at his ankles. He cock stuck out and poked me in the stomach. I giggled. Then I pulled down my skirt I was wearing and let him take off my panties.
Before I knew it his cock was in me. I screamed but kept my voice down so that no one heard. We fell onto the bed behind him then. We went at it till he blew his load and I had an orgasm. I had never felt anything like it and wanted more. He was going to be a minute or more before he’d be back a it so I let my fingers have a go. He finally got his cock back and screwed me some more.
Then I heard it. Someone laughed quietly. We both heard it actually. It was a guy I had met the day before. I forgot his name at the time but it was obvious he was friends with my partner. He said “Mind if I help out a bit?” To which my partner agreed. So while one got their woody back and sucked me in various places, the other would fuck me. I know totally believe that a woman can have their orgasm multiply itself. I went from orgasm to orgasm getting better each time. Every timeI thought I was at max, but kept going!
Then someone else was beside me. Another girl who was no where near as completly joy filled as me. She looked ready for some though. Then at least 3 others came in. I think by the end we were around 4 girls and 7 guys.
I managed to get some from each guy, gave a blow job or two, got my clit licked like crazy and even fingered another girl for a while. Man I think that was the best. For about 20 minutes I was a lesbian! We sucked each others tits while doing finger work on each other.
Finally I must have passed out in the joy. I woke up to see the time was about 4:00 am. My first partner and I showered together and dried up.
I got home at about 6:15. My parents would be home any minute.
I ran straight into my bed and closed my eyes. About 3 minutes later they walked in. I “woke up” then and said hello.
“How was your night honey?” My mom asked.
“Oh it was great Mom. I met some friends while I was down in the lobby and we played afew games for a while.”

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