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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I first met Janet at a P.E. Program held at our high school.
We all had certain routines to perform and hers was some
type of relay race. Her lane was right in front of where I
was seated and I was quite impressed by the way her breasts
bobbed and swayed when she ran. When her event was finished
I asked her if she would me outside later and she agreed.
After we had showered and dressed, we had about a half hour
or so before our parents were to pick us up. We went to a
recessed doorway of the science building and began talking.
The talking led to making out and she let me fondle her
breasts (which were the object of my attention in the first
place). Soon after that I asked her to go steady with me
and again she agreed. During the next seven months we were
nearly inseperable and did almost everything we knew
sexually except “THE ACT” (Making out, fondling, mutual
masturbation, dry humping, no oral sex, we didn’t know it
existed). Sometime during the sixth month of our
relationship we began discussing having sex. At first she
was a bit hesitant but after several discussions and my
promising to use a condom (her biggest fear was becoming
pregnant) she gave her OK. The next obsticle we had to
overcome was a time and place. Her mother didn’t work and
was always home, so her place was out. Both my parents
worked but my father was always home early in the afternoon
so my place was out unless we had a school vacation day
where we were out of school (We didn’ classes back then) and
my parents had to work. It was spring time (what an
appropriate time for love)and Easter vacation was coming up.
we would have the Monday after Easter Sunday off from school
and both of my parents would be at work. We made plans for
her to come to my house around 9:00 a.m. and we would have
the whole morning to ourselves.

She arrived, by bicycle, that bright Monday morning right on
time. We started by making out on the couch and after a
short time agreed that we were indeed ready to give it a
try. We moved to my bedroom and began to undress one
another (during the entire seven months together this was
first time we had seen each other completely naked). After
removing her shirt and bra and her removing mine we hugged
and kissed holding each other and feeling our bodies
pressed together for the first time. I unbuttoned and
unzipped her blue jeans and slid them down her legs and off
onto the floor and she returned the favor. I slipped her
panties down and onto the floor as well and she began to do
the same for me. I had such an erection and instead of
pulling my shorts out around it she pulled them straight
down and caught it bending it sharply and causing great
pain (it was only momentary howerer). We held each other
and kissed some more before deciding it was time to don the
condom. I opened the package and together we rolled the
condom into place. We got into bed and after what I realize
now was very minimal fore-play decided it was time. She
laid on her back and spread her segs and pulled up her
knees. I got between her legs and felt the tip of my penis
slip between her labia. After a couple attempts at trying
to locate her vagina I had to ask for assistance in putting
me in my place. Just as quickly, howerer, I had to ask her
to stop as I was already on the verge of coming. I wanted
to go slowly so as not to hurt her but it was most
difficult. After penitrating her vagina with the tip of
my penis I told her to tell me when she was ready for more.
In a short while she informed me that she wanted a little
more so I began to press forward and pushed about another
inch inside of her. I wanted to wait until she asked for
more but I was losing control quickly and knew that I was
going to come soon. Pressing forward again I pushed the
entire length of my penis inside her and imediatly began
to orgasm. She cried out with pain and begged me to pull
out and not wanting to hurt her I did as I was asked. This
was not certainly not the best sex I have ever had, but it
is a time that I will never forget. 😉

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