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Jane’s turn with the teacher

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: his apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I just heard about this website this weekend while getting together with a couple of girl friends from high school.

We were talking about old boy friends and our first time and my friend Joanne told us her first time was with an former teacher the summer after we graduated, and I was there. She told me to check the site, and check story 21659. I couldn’t believe it, because he was my first several weeks later.

Heres what happened to me. I stopped by his house one afternoon. It was the summer, and still hot, and I had on a tube top and cut off shorts. He was doing class prep for the next semester and said he welcomed the break.

We got into talking about going away to school and I said I was nervous, as I had never been away from family or friends. Since I was from a “nice Italian Catholic” family I was nervous about the boys I would meet.

He told me I was crazy, and surely I was comfortable around guys since i was so attractive. I told him I was shy and sel-concious, since I was kind of flat chested (34A).

He told me I was beutiful, and that tits were for women to enjoy by men giving them pleasure. I told him i wasn’t sure and jokingly said he would have to prove it to me. He took me and gave me a kiss, and then apologized. I kissed him right back, and his hand went to pull down my top. After several minutes of carssing my chest, he moved his mouth down and began to lick and suck my nipples. He proceded for the next hour or so to make love to my chest with his mouth. I never had an orgasim before, but I knew something was going on between my legs.

I began to rub myself and he moved his head down and unzipped my shorts and opened them with his mouth as he continued massaging my chest. After he pulled my shorts an panties off, he began to lick around my pussy. Within seconds I exploded with my first orgasim and almost smothered him in my pussy. He continued licking for the longest time and after several more orgasims he come up for air.

He asked if I thought I would be attractive to boys now. With a grin, I told him I didn’t know if they would want to fuck me. With that I went into his bedroom taking off my tube top. He followed and got completely naked. I had never seen a dick before and was shocked at the size. I began to worry that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. With that he began to finger my pussy while sucking my tits. After the next orgasim he knelt between my legs and stated to put his dick in me. He kept stopping as I moaned to be sure I was alright. I finnally told him just to put it in all the way. It stung like a bastard, but after several minutes we began pumping and I orgasimed again. He kept pumping away and after about 15 minutes he pulled out and started to jerk off untill I was covered with cum.

We laid there for awhile and I sked him about giving head. He guided me and was hard again anf pulled me on top of him.
When we came again, he asked if I thought I was ready for college.

He told me not to be shy about myself, and that it’s not what you have for a body, but how you use it.

I’ve lept with about 5 other guys in my life, including my husband of 8 years, but nobody’s played my tits better.

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