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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: at my friends house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was with my best friend, who happened to be a girl. we were in 7th grade at the time. i was about 5’3 or so at that time, but she was very built for her age. she was 5’9 and very thick with big full tits and a very big ass for a white girl. she hung out with girls who were in high school. that is how she me a black guy who was a senior. like any other guy, he took advantage of her and she did not mind what so ever. she would tell me things about what they did and at times she would go into detail. she told me how it hurt her the first time they had sex because he was very long, much longer than her ex-boyfriend who was an 8th grader. she said it took a few tries before she was able to take him all the way. i asked how big he was and she said that she did not know but that she could take both hands and put one on top of the other and he would still have a few inches left for her to suck. it sounded like they slept together just about every day but it only lasted for about 6 months then he dumped her. couple of months had paced when she started dating a sophmore who was hispanic. she told me that his dick was very fat. she said that it felt like he was ripping her apart the first time they had sex. she said that he wasn’t about 6 or 7 inches long, but inorder to get him in her, she had to be really wet to fit his fat dick in her. i always told her that i wanted to loose my virginity. after talking about it for a while she decided to help me with my problem. we were in her room and i was really nurvous. her dad was still not home from work. we both got under the covers and took our clothes off. she told me to get on top of her and i did. i didn’t know what else to do so she grab my dick with her fingers and told me to get closer to her pussy. as i got closer to her pussy i could feel the heat off of her. she was wet and my dick slid right in with ease. i didn’t know what i was doing. i was just pumping away. i didn’t know what it was supposed to feel like so i just kept pumping. i just had my fae down her shoulders and pumped and pumped. i asked if i was hurting her and she told me that i was far from it. she started talking to me asking me how i was doing and how it felt. i told her that i did not know but that i did not want to make her sore from my pumping. she told me that she wouldn’t be because of my smaller size compared to what she is used to. i told her if me and her fucking more, if she would get looser and she said that she wouldnt know but that she wouldnt think so because i was small and to skinny that it would be putting a tapon in her. i was already tired from pumping so i got off of her and layed next to her. i told her what she tought and she just looked at my dick and grabed it. her hand covered my dick when she wrapped her hand around it. she told me that i was still growing and that i would get bigger like the guys that she has dating. she said that is why she dates older guys because they are bigger than us jr. high guys. we felt really comfortable together it was so weird. i got back on top of her and started fucking her again. she layed there with her legs open and told me to make her feel it. she asked if i felt good and i told her that i was starting to feel as if i was about to pop. she pushed me off and i grabbed my dick and tried to stop what was coming out but i couldnt. she asked how that felt and i told her really really good. we had sex a few more times but she moved away during the summer.

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