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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: his car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

my first time i was 13, i had a few dates with a boy i met
at a frat party me and a friend went to. he was in his
second year of college and he thought i was in my first year
of college. i am very tall 5’8″ and very thin 100 pounds.
at the time i was a 32a bra size but looked older and the
fact that i was tall and pretty people though i was just
another skinny college girl. now i have grown into a 32b.
on the third date it got hot and heavy when we went parking.
he kept putting my hank on his lap. i had never even seen
a boys penis. but the front of his pants was very hard and it seemed big, but i didn’t know what a big one or a
small one was like. i let him put his hand under my shirt and it felt good. my underware started to get a little wet,
that is something that had happened before. i got so hot that i finaly kept my hand on his pants and started to squeze and rub. he liked that alot and i was very nervous.
he started to rub the front of my jeans and i was worried that he could tell i was wearing a pad. i wanted to stop him from rubbing my jeans by it felt good and i think my jeans were tight enough to hide the outline of the pad.
i had started wearing very tight pants just a few month eairler. my mother said that they were too tight but i said
i had no chest and needed something to distract from that fact. this pair of jeans were very tight and i was very horney. but i didn’t let him open my pants so he opened his. i was shocked by the size of his penis and i knew all
about how to have sex and where the penis was supposed to go. but no way could something that big fit into something
so small that i wal afraid to insert even a tampon. i thought that a tampon would hurt. i was afraid. after he opend his pants and pulled his underware aside i could not help myself i just grabed his penis and squeezed it. he seemed to like that and h put his hand around my hand that was over his penis and started to go up and down. after a
few times up and down he took his hand of mine and i kept
right on going. i knew about what happens when a boy has
intercorse with a girl but i didn’t know that going up and down with my hand would do the same thing. i was very surprised when he started to cum, it got all over me and my cloths and the car, so much came out. he tried to pull my head down to his penis and i didn’t want to. he gave me a ride home and said he had a good time. we went out the next weekend. i wore very tight pants and no bra (not that i needed one but i do have very large nipples), this date
maby i would let him go down my pants so i wore no underware. i was getting wet just thinking about his penis and all the cum that came out of it. after a move we went parking. this time he opened his pants right away and he didn’t have to put my hand on it. he did say it would feel good if i could suck on it. i knew about this but never did it. so i tried he said it hurt and i shouldn’t use my teeth. he asked if i ever did this before and i said no. he told me how to do it and said when he starts to cum to stay on and keep sucking. after just a few minutes he started to cum and i pulled off, some got in my mouth and i wasn’s sure if i wanted that to happen. i pointed his penis away from me and didn’t get any cum on me this time. he said i did very good for the first time. the next night we had another date. all i could think of was sucking on his penis and how i liked the taste of the cum. just thinking about this made me cum. the next night no movie no party just up to the lake to go parking. this night i wanted him to make me feel good. this nigh i wore a silk top no bra and my nipples stuck out just a little, it looked very sexy and a lot of boys were stairing at me. i wore a very short skirt and no underware. i was over my period and felt confidedt about the no underwere. as soon as we got to the lake i grabed his penis and wanted to suck it. i opened his pants and he opened my shirt, he for the first time saw my small chest and my big nipples. he started to suck on them and bite just a little if i would have worn panties they would have been soaked. instead his car seat was getting soaked. as he sucked on my tits he started to slide the other hand up my leg, as he got close i opened my legs more and finaly started to rub my almost hairless pussy. when he felt that i had almost no hair he asked if i shaved my pussy? i didn’t know what to say and i didn’t want him to find out that i was only 13 so i said yes and it got him even more exiceted. he put one finger into me and it hurt just a little and soon i came on his finger. i was so horny and wanted to suck him so bad, after i came he wanted to lick me and probaly go all the way. i didn’t tink that that was a good idea and started to scuk him. he started to cum almost as i started, this time i didn’t pull away and i kept my mouth going up and down on his penis. he came and i thought that i was going to drown. my jaw was sore and i started to cough from all the cum. i managed to not cough very much and the cum tasted so good. i took every dorp.
and licked him clean. we both just about fell asleep after that. about 15 minutes later i got the urge to suck him again and i didn’t relize that it wasn’t hard and as soon as i put my hand around the base of his penis it started to get hard. in just about 1 minute it was hard as a rock. i thought that this might be a good time to finally let him go inside me. i read that it was unlikely that a boy would cum again so soon after he just did. first i sucked and licked his penis clean to get all the cum off and then i got ontop of his lap. first i just rubed up and down with his penis between mm pussy lips. then i went up and slid my lips over the head of his penis, and very slowly started to lower myself down a little at a time. it hurt a little but i was so wet and so horney that i just wanted that big cock in me. as soon as i got all the way down i started to pump it and i came right away. it felt a lot better than his finger. after i came he got on top of me and started to pump me like cazy. i came again and i never wanted him to stop. i was dizzy and swolen and sweaty and it felt good. just a few minutes later he started to pump very fast and i thought i can’t let him cum in me but after eating all that cum just a little while ago he couldn’t have any left. just as i started to worry and i decided to tell him to stop he started to cum he started to pull out but i grabed his ass and held him in me, it felt so good and warm. i started to come again. as soon as i came i realized what i had done. we both needed to go home to sleep. as soon as i got home i tried to wash the cum out of my pussy. for the next 2-1/2 weeks i didn’t sleep much. finaly i got my period and felt so lucky. i never thought i would be happy to have a maxi pad in my tight jeans. soon after that i told him my age. but not utill i sucked him dry and ate his cum about 20 times. we only fucked one other time, the day after my period ended and he used a condom. he seemed very happy with me sucking and swallowing. since then i have only fucked 2 other boys and sucked about 30. now i know that the first cock i had wasnt that big. and now my trade mark is very tight pants so tight you can see my huge pussy lips and nobody seems to notice my 32b’s

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