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I’ve never felt so great

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: on the beach
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

So I was only 14 years old, had absolutely no sexual experiences, and had not even discovered masturbation yet. I went to the beach during a summer vacation with my family, and met this hot 16 year old girl, with the greatest tits and body I had ever seen. Eyeing her, she walked over and started a conversation. Eventually, through small talk and slight flirting, she french kissed me, which was a big deal considering my age. Immediately, my cock had never grown to be so big in my life. We rolled around making out, and eventually decided it would be best to go somewhere private, so she invited me to her house just about a mile away from where we were. My dick remained long and hard during the whole car ride, and I was practically shaking through my horniness. We went into her bedroom, where she immediately took off her clothes. I had seen a few playboy magazines, but this was my first sight of an actual naked girl. She ripped my clothes off of me, and went straight down to my cock with her mouth while I was still standing. My knees gave in to this pure feeling of ecstasy and I fell to the ground. Now laying on the ground, she then got all the way down and finished what she had started. I felt an orgasm starting, but she stopped right before. She then left the room, and I knew there was much more to an orgasm, but still didn’t know anything about masturbating. My dick was still so hard, and my own eyes could see a difference in size. She walked back in, laid me on my back, and mounted my pole. She slid up and down, and I came in about 15 seconds. My heart was racing, and this was the first sight of my very own come. I was speechless. During this whole event, never did I get to fondle her breasts, lick her pussy, or do anything else. It all happened so quick. Through my first fuck, I learned how to get a dick off without a girl, and began my days of jacking off.

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