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It started in the Physics Class

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: School
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was sat next to Natalie, a girl I had fancied for some time. Were were in a Physics class but all that nonsense about Newton’s laws were boring me to tears.

Natalie knew that I fancied her and we often flirted, but nothing ever happened. It was the kind of flirting where I’d squeeze a tit or pinch her bum and she’d say “Oi! Cheeky!”. I daren’t try anything else.

Anyway, as this class was boring, I decided to have a bit of fun and I put my hand on her knee (I should explain that the physics lab consisted of long lab benches that stretched the width of the room. We were at the back-but-one but the only people behind us were far to the left).

I put my hand on her knee and got no response so I squeezed it. No response. Maybe she wasn’t in the mood for a laugh, maybe she was trying to concentrate on the lesson? One last try, I pushed up the hem of her skirt about an inch and squeezed. No response. I took my hand away.

“Don’t stop” I heard her whisper, really quietly. “Go on, that was nice”. I put my hand back where I took it off and felt her hairless skin, tanned, smooth, lovely.

As I massaged her leg, I could hear Natalie sigh and saw her close her eyes. I moved my hand up a little more, and a little more, and a little more. My fingers were now out of site and I could swear that her skin was getting softer and softer. I kind of liked the self-justification that I was doing this because she asked me to and not because I wanted to – though I was getting so hard doing it!

She shuffled on her seat which brought her closer to me and increased the gap between her knees. I kept moving up until I could feel the farther leg while kneeding the nearer.

I stayed here, not wanting to go to far – she was too good a friend to loose. But she just glanced a smile at me before the teacher said “Are you paying attention!?”. He wasn’t talking to us. Phew!

I moved my hand a bit further again. Her skin was silk and cool. The smoothness of her upper leg was such that I found it difficult to massage. I slipped and felt the line of her knickers. I moved my hand back at once but slowly returned at the lack of protest.

We must have looked strange to the teacher at the front but he never said anything as I slipped my fingers into her knickers, up where her left leg went through. I couldn’t get much more in without looking ridiculously strange but I could feel her pubic hair.

“Finger my fanny” she whispered but I had to tell her that it was difficult. “Please!” she said again and turned so that she was facing me ever such a little.

The bell rang and the lesson ended. It was break time.

“Let’s play nervous” she said. Now ‘Nervous’ is a game where a boy puts his hand up a girl’s skirt until she says ‘Nervous’. How could I win if I was the only contestant?

She called a couple of other blokes and we all went over the playing field. It was to be my turn last.

She sat on a tree trunk and the first bloke put his hand on her knee and she said “Nervous”. The second bloke put his hand on her knee and moved it up until his hand was up her skirt and she said “Nervous”.

The third bloke put his hand on her knee and moved it up her leg until I’m sure he could feel her fanny through her knickers. He was feeling around in there was what, to my jealous eyes, seemed like ages. She said “Nervous”.

It was my turn. I put my hand on her leg and moved up. She winked at me as I moved it higher to that skin that I was exploring earlier. I reached her knickers and put my hand inside going from the top.

I put my right hand on her other leg and moved it apart, then I moved her skirt up a little before moving my left hand to start pulling at her underwear.

The other blokes said “Shit! He’s going to take her knickers off! He’s going to take your knickers off you know”. She smiled at them and nodded. I looked up her skirt as I pulled at the left side of her white knickers with a strawberry red line along the outside. The others tried to look but Natalie said “do you think it’s time you were going?”. and they went, telling each other what a lucky bastard I was that I was going to see Natalie’s fanny.

I pulled at her knickers and slowly, looking up her skirt, her dark hair was being revealed. When I had pulled them down to her knees, I went to finger her fanny while I kissed her – strange how I fantasised more about kissing her than I did about feeling her.

I felt her hand on my knee and then I felt it move up until she was rubbing my penis. She said that we couldn’t stay here so I picked her up and carried her into the fforest.

I put her on her feet next to a tree and started to unbutton her blouse while she unbuttoned my trousers. Her blouse opened as my trousers fell. Her hands entered my boxers and my hands entered her bra and pulled out her small breasts.

Her hands were all over by cock and my balls as if it was her first time to ever feel any. She then pulled down my boxers and looked at my cock like it was the first one she had ever seen.

I asked her what she thought. She just nodded.

I pushed up her skirt, revealing more of those legs that just turned me on so much, until I could see her pussy.

we rubbed our groins together while kissing. She then started talking;

“I knew you wanted to put your hand up my skirt and feel my fanny. I knew you wanted to see my breasts. For some reason, a lot of the boys want to see me undressed but you’re the first to see my breasts and fanny”.

“I liked the way tou couched me in the class and I wanted to feel your balls and see your dick because I’d never seen one before but now I’m looking at yours and I like it”.

“You like it?” I said. “Yes” she replied and, taking hold of it, she moved it toward her hole. She said “Thank you, but I know you’ve enjoyed this as much as me”.

She lifted one leg to wrap it around me then hopped so that I instictively held her in my arms as her other leg came around. We moved a bit and finally my dick broke into her fanny.

She closed her eyes and sighed deeply, then she began to moan as I moved her up and down. Her bare ass was sitting on my hands, holding her up. I kneeded and pumped as she moved up and down on my member.

Any more of this and I knew I would blow.

I could see her breasts wobbling with the motion. I licked them as they came past my mouth. She liked that so she moved more slowly so I could suck them properly.

Finally, I blew and she exploded with ecstasy.

That was OUR first time

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