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Innocent Mary

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: his Dad's car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

From the age of eight, I was raised in a convent boarding school because my mother died. I graduated from school never ever having been alone with a boy. My father found a family to stay with while I had my first job in a news kiosk. Nigel, the family’s son, was very nice to me and took me to the cine. His hands were all over me. At the time I didn’t think it was right but it did feel very good. After a while, we would slip into his Dad’s garage and love up in his Dad’s car. His hands under my blouse felt very good. I didn’t have much of a bosem so I didn’t own any bras. He made my nipples all stiff and tinglely as he stroked them through my undervest. You must understand that there was not much room to move around in an Austin Mini. As time went on, he would reach up under my dress and rub the center seam of my knickers. It had the effect of making me want want to go the loo. Looking backk, I realize that I was very inexperienced and didn’t give Nigel much satisfaction. On our last date, he had unbuttoned his trousers in the pitch bl ack darkness. He took my hand and placed it on his bare wonker. I remember thinking that it must be part of his body as it was luvly and warm and it pulsed with his heartbeat. I had no idea how boys were built as I had led a very protected existance until then. I must confess that I had not given it much thought but right then I became very interested. I wrapped my fingers around his wonker and started to explore. I slid my hand up and found the end of his wonker moist and slippery and delightfully smooth. I had just discovered the little cleft when Nigel went stiff and bucked up and his wonker went into spasms. When I got hit in the face with a drop of hot liquid, I realized that Nigel was spurting all over the place. Nigel hit his arm into my face (accidently as I learned later) so I thought I had hurt him. I ran into the house and his father was in the hallway. He didn’t say anything but when I got to my room I found that there was a glob of Nigel’s jelly on my cardigan and another on my hair ribbon. Breakfast was completely silent and at the end Nigel’s Dad gave me a week to move out and that regretably they were not in a position to write me a recommendation. No more words were said by his family except by Mandy, his 15 year old sister. She said Nigel was in big trouble for wreaking the car and that the canopy fabric had to be replaced. Also she asked if Nigel and I “did it” and if that had something to do with her Dad “doing it” everynight since that night. I honestly didn’t know what she was talking about. All she could tell me was there were noises every night instead of once a fortnight in her parent’s bedroom right next to hers. We were both clueless. I was so curious about boys that I did not choose wisely in my next relationship so my actual first time was not very nice Nigel visited me after he got married and told me that he was just as green as I was and that he didn’t mean to hurt me and couldn’t give a good account of himself and that is why his parents thought I was a forward girl. I wish there was a less painful wayfor us to find about sex. Nigel was really kind of sweet.

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