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Ice can melt FAST!

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Snowboarding Tour
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Well first of all you got too know what i think of so shit. idont care if you believe this or not i dont care if you read it or not i dont care if you enjoy yourself while reading this or not hell…i dont care about anyhting dealing with this. Second order of topic…For those who want to beleive this good cause i cant take those bullshit stories that say i did this or that yippy your not the only one so shut up and keep it straight. And last if you do it make sure you are prepared for it. Ok so lets here about my TRUE experiance. Well one year i had another snowbaording tour i go on alot casue i am sponsored and i have to go on alot of tournemt tour things…So newayz my girlfriend Tiffany was on this tour with me. She was hot…Blonde hair blue eyes about 5’6″ 36c something like that and a realy nice body. But that didnt matter too much too me she was so caring for me i thought i would never loose her…Wrong but thats another topic…Newayz we were at my hotel and she had alot of friends in Alaska ( thats where we were on the tour.) So she decided to go see them with me. We went to her friend Kelly’s house first too see her and she had another friend over named Laura. Kelly was pretty good looking…Brown hair green eyes 5’5″ big tits and an ok body and Laura was ok. Newayz we ended up going back too my hotel sweet and ended up in our spa. Ithad this like sun roof area that opened up so we could see the sky from the resort. It was bueatiful. Well iffany was a girl who did what she wanted too when she wanted too. So she started making out with me. She stopped and looked at Kelly and did what i never thought would happen she moved over too her and started making out with her. she started too take kellys top off and started carresing her tits and sucking on her nipples really hard. I ws getting realy hard at the time and Tiffany departed from her enjoyment too only enjoy me. She pulled my shorts off and started too suck my dick. She was moving her tounge around in circles all over my dick and moving it in and out of her mouth really fast. She wouldnt let it go for a second. Then i opened my eyes and saw Laura and Kelly eating each other out on the deck area. Then Tiff said get out of the spa so i did she pushed me on the bed and began giving me head again it felt so good. Then i felt someone sucking on my balls and i looked down i saw what i always wanted. Kely and Laura were sucking on my balls and licking my dick up and down with Tiff. I was going to cum ne minute. Tiffany started sucking my dick harder and faster then Kelly took my dick into her mouth. She deep throated all 9″ of it and i began too cum she pulled it out of my mouth and started jacking me off. I started shooting cum all overTiffany’s and Kelly’s and laura’s face then i relaxed a bit. I thought this was the best night of my life…So far. Damn i never thought about what other events were going to happen. Soon i felt someone feeling my dick and i looked down and saw tiffany. She saw mr and said she wanted me too make love too her so she pushed my dick into her pussy and began fucking me hard and fast. Remember now that there were two other girls. Kelly imedeatly came over top of me and sat on my face and told me too eat her. I began too lick her pussy pushing my tounge in her as deep as it would go. She started moaing and i could her tiffany screaming. Now Laura i guess felt all alone so she came over and began too stand on the bed and took Kelly’s face and pushed it too her pussy i heard Luara moaning and telling kelly to Fuck her clit and pussy with her tounge. Laura said she wanted too cum at the same time Tiffany and Kelly did so Tiffany stared fucking my dick harder and Kelly stated grinding her Hips into my face as they did this Laura was rubing her clit with her hand as Kelly lick violenly at her pussy. Luara started yelling that she was cuming and Kelly said she was cumming too. Tiffany said she was cumming for the 3rd time and i began too cum too. i was shooting my cum all into Tiffany’s pussy and all she did was yell she wanted more. She started screaming “give me more cum i want more cum”. then Kelly got off of me and Luara and her got into a 69 and ti ffany started jacking me off. Soon i had kelly on my dick and Tiffany wa on my face whle i ate her out and Luara was fingering herself. soon tiffany was telling me she was cumming and i started too cum in kelly. Kelly liked the feeling but she said she liked tasting it more. So she got off and gegan sucking my dick. then Tiffany got off of me and got into a 69 With Laura. Kelly said she wanted me too fuck her in the ass so i bent her over and she got on all fours and i slid my dick into your hot ass. it felt real good. Kelly said it hurt but she wanted it too( i guess she was a bit fetish too )So i began too fuck her hot ass real fast and hard. I didnt cum this time not yet at least. I pulled out and looked at Luara and she said she was too tight too take my 9″ in. Tiffany said no your not and pushed 2 fingers into her pussy and so did Kelly. They pulled Luara’s pussy lips apart showing her inner part clearly Luara said it hurt but she wanted me in her she yelled and begged for mee to enter her so i slid my dick into her pussy and began too fuck her while tiffany and kelly still opened her tight pussy I began too cum real soon and i pulled out and shot my cum all over her face. Kelly and Tiffany started to kiss her face and lick my cum off as they said it tasted to good. The night ended with them giving me head at the same time again. Then Kelly and Luara went home leaving me and tiffany in our room. We had more fun that night and many more nights. i love Tiffany more than imaginable and itz none of that puppy love bullshit i love her with all my Mind, heart, and soul. Too bad she didnt see thngs the same way. She eneded up breaking up with me too go out with my best friend i lost her and my friend. we are still somewhat friends. as for my best fiend he can die and rot in hell. So believe this if you want but if you dont i really dont give a fuck where you there no did you see it no can you believe this…if you want yes… But whatever you decide go ahead But remember that In Alaska theres alot of ice. We melted alot that night…

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