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I didnt want it. got laid any way

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: at a party
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

Hell I was mad at Dad and went to a party. I was an average girl good grades a bit over weight. I drank half a beer didn’t like it, was having fun out side it was getting dark. The party was out of hand you know people from everywhere two junior colleges and a girls high school in the middle. This house was a short walk from all that. We played tag and then hide and seek. I was in the closet and some girl was feeling me up. Then under the bed and some one was feeling my butt . when I crawled out three couples were all over each other on the bed. Being a high school girl with a skirt made me an easy target. Should of worn steel under pants. Then some geek guy with the you know dark glasses Kissed me. He really got my attention . Hi I’m available. Me too. We kissed for 15 minutes in the hallway as the party tore up the house. We went to a bed room and we were hot and passionate. we just kissed. Two jocks grabbed him threw him out the window in to the bushes and held me down. I fought and fought my panties were pulled down three times and they never got a finger on me.I got them back up. I almost was out the window. But suddenly a girl came and took off her pantyhose and gave it to the one guy who fingered her and fucked her right there in front of me and kissed her and said she had to go. I was getting real tired of wrestling and wanted to get out screams and begging has no effect so far. The fact that you cant hear over the music was the big problem. Both boys were up to something as they pushed me back and forth between them and spoke some language pig latin I couldn’t figure it out. My back was to the wall and one boy was on the bed panty hose in hand. Hay I have a six pack in the trunk of my car lets get it. We want it when we are done with you. Now during this escapade at least 10 people opened the door and I asked for help these guys want to mess with me. Two Girls took my picture and left. Its two AM and now I am serious. One new big guy comes in and throws one of the other guys out the window in to the bush the Geek guy fell in to. What is going on here I asked? Its you and me now they said. They grabbed me I kicked the smaller big guy in the balls, But not hard enough. The panty hose was now tied on my one ankle and then around the bottom bed post. I was fighting with one foot in the air really worried The big guy put me in the middle of the bed sat on me all two hundred fifty or so pounds and tied my ankle to the other bed post. With my legs spread and tied I was almost too tired to fight. I covered my cunt with my hands and cursed and yelled they couldn’t hear me I was loosing my voice in the roar of music. The big Guy took off his shirt as the other guy took off his jeans his boner poking out of his boxer fly. He just stripped and got on the bed between my legs his dripping dick right in front of me. He quickly took off my pleated skirt and tossed it . He unbuttoned my sweater and the big guy behind me holding me took that off. He smiled and reached for my bra. I shouted I’ll fuck you, I will fuck you ,I will fuck you both. Not like this please. let me loose I’ll do my best. Give you both a blow job. I can swallow. Please. Sounds good to me he said as he unclipped my bra. Sounds like the real deal to me. Thank you, thank you. The big guy took off his cloths and two more people peeked in and gave us thumbs up and left. The big guy was now feeling up my little B cup Tits you are so firm feel these Gene I finally knew one guys name. Yes they are real firm and they don’t sag a bit like straight out. Here I was spread wide still tied down at the ankles and nursing two men. the door opened and three girls stood and said you go girl you are so brave. What is this a display room . No this room the guys vowed no girl has ever put two feet in that didn’t get laid. Even the cleaning lady. The door has a huge warning on it. No exceptions.I was kissing the nice Geek when I walked it it was dark in the hall. I … and the big guy leaned me back and lay on me missionary style. Still had my Undies on as he dry humped and kissed me. My motor started running . this guy felt good on me. I was kissing back now but I was still tied down. My ankles hurt untie me. OK said Gene and he got a set of shears and cut the nylons . Panties off said Gene .I blushed, or I cut them off he said as he clicked the shears. Don’t laugh I said that would be mean. I pulled them off to reveal My mostly shaven and little bush with a diamond studded loop through my clit. Oh my that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The door opens wide and two guys look in and here I’m showing all. Really nice said a girl who kept one foot out side and asked is that a diamond on your pussy. yes. I finally saw the huge all door warning no blind person could miss. The Geek guy was just out the door as everyone came to see my pussy. Get in here you started this did you see the door. I see it now it was dark. See I’m gonna get fucked because of you. If I come in they are going to throw me back out the window. Its the rule only the strong survive. Wait toss him my keys the red Dodge in the drive get the six pack in the trunk and the black bag in the glove box you’ll know what it is. and for gods sake bring condoms quick. I pierced my clit my self and I played with my self but I honestly never had a vibrator or anything in my pussy. I knew some day I would get fucked but right now I at lease wished I had used tampons or put my fingers in my self. I had never been to a OBGYN I’m sure I’ll be there tomorrow. All these thoughts went through my head as the two guys forgot about my pretty tittys and they were playing with my clit hardware . The big guy romantically kissed my pussy Oh it was so good and his tongue was on my clit ring I got real wet and was humping and all over. Zzap went Gene. ZZZzap went the big guy. Lets go said the Geek . I’m breaking some rules. he grabbed my bra and panties I put on my skirt and sweater and we walked down the stairs .Give them a thumbs up he said. Everyone clapped and we left in his car on the street. Nice stun gun only the strong survive. They all think I fucked you. Yea lets use that to our advantage.
Hay I’m seriously all worked up want to go some where quiet like a Hotel. Yes said the Geek My name is Howard by the way. My name is Jillian . We got a huge room with a huge Bed and a personal jacuzzi. I’m taking a shower Howard said those bushes you know. I’ll freashen up with you and wash these guys stink off me. Howard was shy and pretty built for a geek. We kept to our selves in the shower. He was all smiles. On the bed with towels on I had to initiate the kissing soon he was feeling me all over me. We were so natural with each other. He climbed on me and so gentle was his bent dick. Then the big push the sharp pain and pressure and it was over he was in and he had tears because of my pain. I’m good you just took my virginity. Yea I did he said proudly.I’m a stud now. He was one hard Geek all night. My first ass fuck, first blow job .We made passionate love every way we could, me on top ,doggie ,69, jucuzzi, lotus. We never married but he never left me except to go to work. I fooled around with a couple guys (don’t do it)and found out most men cum and just go limp.Then what? I was upset when a guy went soft on me . Whats wrong with you I said stay hard. I guess Howard is the only guy who stays hard as long as he wants or as long as I want you can say.
Some guys have bigger dicks which takes some getting used to and harder to get in but seriously not any better. Pain makes for bad sex. I tried a 12 inch rubber cock sure it fit but whats the big deal. I’m fucking humans here not freaks. You liars and 8 9 10 inch cocks. My story is true.

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