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Hot-n- Horney

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Boyfriend's home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was 15ys.old and in my 18 yr. old boyfriend’s house for the first time. He always came oer to my house because my parents wouldn’t let my leave because I couldn’t “date” until I was 16.

His parents just left for a night out and told us that they ouldn’t be home until late and for us to leave right after dinner and go to the movies or something.

Billy made me dinner and had a dozen roses sitting on the dinning room table. We ate dinner and talked about our relationship. Neither of us had ever had sex before…

He started telling my his fantasies wich were making me hot. He said ” You andr standing in the barn in front of the hay loft and I walk in. You grab my and and Throw me onn the hay. Then you slowly pull off your tight white shirt and your lace see through bra. You then take you nipples in your fingers and pinch them until they are standing at attention. Then you turn you back to me and slowly pull off your skin tight Rocky Mountain jeans and yourLepard print T back panties. I can only see a little of you wet pussy peeking out between your smooth legs. Then you stand up and turn back to face me. You walk over and slowlypull off my shirt. Then you sit on the hay bail behind my head and make me turn and face your dripping wet pussy. You then demand I lick your pink dripping pussy. I start licking your warm wet juices while you play with your pink hard nipples. Then you unzip my pants and put your hand on my hard cock. You move down and put my hard cock into your warm wet lips. You start sucking and licking on it nice and slow. You trun your thin white body in to the 69 position and you remove my pants and underware. We continue to give each other oral sex until we are about to explode then you sit on my long erect penis and start riding me hard like a bull in a rodeo. I take your hudge tits in my mouth and suck them while you are bouncing up and down until we both cum. When we are finished we look up nd notice all the animals watching us as if looking for pointers.”

By this time my pussy was hot and very wet. I then took him by the had and led him to his tiny bedroom. I slowly removed all of our clothes and threw him on his twin size bed. I took his hand in mine while straddling his nacked body on my knees I put his sweating and shaking hand on my wet pussy. I told him we needed to start off slow. I let him touch me for a while then walked on my knees up to his face. I could feel his fast beeting chest brushing my pussy as I passed. I took my hand and opened the lips of my pussy and directed his tounge to my clit. He licked and sucked on my pulsating clit until I came in his mouth. He then licked all the juices off my pussy. I then moved my body back to shere I was straddling his BIG erect dick. I put my hand over the bottom half of his dick and placed only the head in my hot wet pussy. I proceeded to tease him in this manner for (to him) what seemed like hours. Then I removed my hand frome the dick and placed his shaking fingers on my clit. I proceed to ride him fast and hard until we both got off. After our workout was over we laid in bed until we caught our breath. Once we came out of his room his older brother asked me if I liked horses when I questioned “Why?” He replied,” ‘Cause from what I saw you sure know how to ride.” Then he told us he came in while we were removing our clothes and saw the entire thing through the door joining their room that we left open. That made us both hotter. We then envited his brother and his girlfriend to watch us and we watched them in turn.

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